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PDO Nose Thread Lift with SL Clinic

Did my Nose Thread lift the second time but the first time i did was in korea and loved the results so here i am at SL clinic doing it the second time!

About Nose Thread Lift
Put simply, a thread lift treatment involves instant lifting effects to the skin and promotes collagen production to improve skin elasticity. Moreover, threads can be placed in the Nose Bridge or Nose Tip for instant lift and definition; think higher nose bridge, and sharper nose tip! SL Clinic’s medical aesthetic treatments will give you a fresher appearance and let you become a better version of yourself!

The results is definitely comparable to the one i did in korea and i love both as much!! Dr. Kelvin Chua was really patient in explaining to me the details of how it will turn out and it turned out exactly like what he said.

First the therapist applied numbing cream on my nose and because i was afraid it would hurt, Dr. Kelvin Chua did local anesthesia for me all over my nose.

The picture below is my nose before i did thread lift which there are abit of leftover from the ones i did at korea. But i wanted to do again because i have this bump at the top of my nose which i didn’t like it. (The bump actually looks abit worse i real life)

Was in the room waiting for the therapist to clean the numbing cream off my nose

Dr. Kelvin Chua is using a thick needle to poke a hole on my nose in order to insert the thread in..

Injecting local anesthesia into my nose, it’s actually not as pain as i imagined, but it hurts a little just like a little tinggling feeling.

Inserted a total of 8 threads on my nose bridge and 4 tiny threads on the tip.

My nose is a little swelling at the picture below, so it may look a little higher but after it swells down, it will definitely look a little more natural and not this high.

side view of my nose after nose thread lift 🙂

This was 1 week and 4 days after the results of my nose thread lift! As seen from the picture, the bump is gone! SUPER LOVE THE RESULTS HERE. There’s someone who asked if i actually did rhinoplasty too hahaha

Exactly 2 weeks after nose thread lift results

The main reason why i don’t do nose fillers and do nose thread is because fillers will spread and make your nose fat over time, and i feel that i have quite a round nose already so i purely stick to nose thread lift, However for people with low nose bridge, injecting a little bit of fillers with nose thread should be fine 🙂

Below are the details of SL Clinic if you guys are interested!


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