laser hair removal at La vie aesthetics PART 2

Got my second session of laser hair removal done at La Vie Aesthetics 3 weeks later
I really love how slow it grows compared to IPL.


The picture above was taken 2.5 weeks after the first treatment!!! I honestly don’t see any hair growing, maybe just a little when I touch it.

As usual, I love their cute little cup of tea with different words on it everytime


La vie’s cute tea set

IMG_0577 2

For me, I am able to compare laser treatment with IPL because I am currently undergoing IPL treatment for my underarms and I CAN REALLY TELL THE DIFFERENCE!! I am going to put down my personal experience difference based on these 2 apart from those that are found on websites and stuff.


Another thing I love about LA VIE AESTHETICS is their SERVICE! The beauty consultants are really precise about what are they going to do next and asking me if its ok or not. Not only were their treatment the best but also the service! This patient and gentle beauty consultant doing my laser treatment for me.

IMG_0595 2


Personal opinion between Laser and IPL:
The pain level for both are about the same to me which is 0. No pain for me for both haha. For IPL, after the first session about 1 week later, I can see some tiny hairs growing which is definitely visible but didn’t grow as fast as usual. It didn’t really grew thinner until the second session. After the third week of not shaving my underarms, it grew about 1.5cm long!! and whats worse is that I am not able to shave it off and can only cut it and wear long sleeves out all the time and next treatment that can be done is around 2-3 months later which I am not able to shave if not all my efforts of IPL session will be wasted.

For laser, after the First session I can see the hairs growing 1.5 weeks later but definitely thinner after the first session. And for the second session its 3 weeks later which is definitely not far apart for my hair to be fully grown and having hairy legs. I did my second session of laser 3 weeks later and waited around 2 weeks to see results and I DONT REALLY SEE ANY STRANDS OF HAIR ON MY LEGS except for when I touch it and some parts here and there, I can feel a. little bit of hair BUT IT IS NOT THAT VISIBLE FROM The Eye AT ALL COMPARING TO MY ARMPIT 2 weeks later! I was really amazed by it as compared to IPL. I was thinking of either switching my underarms IPL to laser treatment or just giving UPL another 6 months of chance which I already did my IPL for about 8 months and its still growing sigh.

Trust me guys laser is the better choice and price wise, both are around the same. AND THEIR SERVICE AT LA VIE AESTHETICS ARE REALLY GOOD.

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Address: 277 Orchard Road, #04-08 Orchard Gateway (9.06 mi)
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