High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) with SL clinic

About HIFU V Sculpting:
I will talk more about HIFU V Sculpting at this part of my blog for you guys to understand more about this treatment and also comparisons with Ultherapy which i did before 3 years back.

➢ It is excellent at lifting and toning loose skin
➢ Elevates sagging skin, especially in the brows
➢ Firms and tightens the neck, double chin
➢ Sharpens the face and burns adipose tissue
➢ Fine lines are also reduced
➢ Able to treat brows, face, double chin, neck, décolletage and even buttocks!

HIFU V Sculpting is very safe. HIFU technology is US FDA approved, and has been in the market since 2009, with over thousands of satisfied patients.

This treatment gives the best result for older people with saggy skin and facial fat. However, HIFU treatment is definitely suitable for ages below 40 like me! For my concern, it was more of facial fats which i really need to get rid of but dont wish to go into surgery! HIFU is also suitable for young people as it stimulates collagen into the skin and strengthen the dermis to delay aging :).

There is not much of downtime for HIFU as i dont considered it a downtime because all it does is just giving you blushy cheeks as seen in one of the photos below and it didnt get swollen. The redness only lasts for a few hours for me.

Difference between HIFU V Sculpting and Ulthera:
The difference between these two from my opinion of trying both before is that HIFU is much much less pain than Ulthera and BOTH WORKS THE SAME FOR ME . So why suffer more when you can get the same results? haha. HIFU is also much cheaper than Ultherapy which makes it more affordable because both treatments will definitely need more than 1 treatment to be able to see better results 🙂


A tea served while waiting for my treatment





Numbing cream applied for my treatment! Same goes for Ultherapy which requires numbling cream to be applied too.



Finally starting my treatment after Dr. Kelvin Chua explained all the procedures to me.




Right after my HIFU treatment, sorry i look shag as hell because i didnt sleep well the night before. I did manage to see a little bit of difference instantly!


A photo with Dr. Kelvin Chua who did my treatment for me


This was the redness that i was talking about which i kind of liked it hahhaha


next day after my treatment! NO SWELLING OR REDNESS ANYMORE


This picture below is 2-3 months after doing HIFU treatment with SL clinic! As you can see it’s still fat but trust me, it was worse before i did the treatment! and i’m definitely going for my second HIFU treatment so stay tuned for more!  😎



Looking for the right Doctor for treatments like these are really really important as Dr. Kelvin Chua actually explained it to me if a inexperience doctor do it, it might not work as good as it’s supposed to be because they wont be able to hit the right target of the skin/fats which are your concerns. For me i wanted to have more of a facial fat reduction instead of skin tightening effect and Dr. Kelvin Chua deduced the right layers to get the treatment done for my particular concern which i definitely saw results for that!


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