Trip to Thailand with Novu Aesthetics and Thailand embassy (Day 3 & 4)

I’m back with day 3&4 of my trip to Thailand! For day 3, we actually went back to Bangkok from Khao Yai and visited a few places on the way.
The first stop was Khai Yai Panorama Farm


photo_2017-11-09_13-44-28 photo_2017-11-09_13-44-32

I learned so much about mushrooms from the visit and learnt that mushrooms actually prevent cancer! There are so many ways of cooking mushrooms too! They used mushroom to brew into tea too and it’s really delicious!

Thankful for Novu aesthetic’s products with my trip! the one I am holding onto helps with hydrating! It effectively permeates skin layers and work to achieve optimum moisturization and skin firmness. On top of that, they used a deeply hydrating pH-balanced formula with hyaluronic acid that penetrates deeper layers of skin while locking in hydration on the surface!


Second stop is the Chocolate factory
My favourite flavour is chocolate and I bought Soo many different kinds of chocolate from the chocolate factory and everything is super delicious! Trust me, it’s worth the trip.


Third stop: RSM Academy to try the beginner class of Muay Thai 

photo_2017-11-09_13-44-36 photo_2017-11-09_13-44-42 photo_2017-11-09_13-44-46

I need a rest


Me acting professional

photo_2017-11-09_13-44-56 photo_2017-11-09_13-45-01 photo_2017-11-09_13-45-06I’ve always wanted to try Muay Thai but didn’t find the chance or time to and finally I get to try out the authentic Muay Thai from a prestigious academy! The trainers were really patient and nice to me! DEFINITELY A SUPER FUN EXPERIENCE

Forth and last stop of Day 3 is having our dinner beside the river
photo_2017-11-09_13-45-09 photo_2017-11-09_13-45-13My favourite dish is the soft shell crab  😛

Day 4

Did a health Check up at Dr.Orawan and learnt so many things about my health that are useful to me!

This is a machine that can check my blood circulation, its really cute, it moves vigorously especially when Im drinking water, so it actually proves that drinking water helps blood circulation!


There are a total of nine floors, each level caters to different needs for therapy! I was really impressed in this and found it really cool as they have music therapy, gym, spa and even plastic surgery room!

photo_2017-12-24_17-21-31 photo_2017-12-24_17-21-44 photo_2017-12-24_17-21-55 photo_2017-12-24_17-22-06


They measured my stress index level and apparently I’m at early stage LOL


Different treatments at Dr.Orawan



Below is me at millennium Hilton bangkok with Novu Aesthetics range of anti-wrinkles cream!


The picture below is a picture of Novu’s ready defence sunscreen (untinted) which is available in tinted too! Their sunscreen lotion doesn’t only protect their skin against UV rays but its also enriched with Vitamin E and sher’s butter to nourish the skin.

Took Thai airways kindly sponsored by Thai Tourism authority. Had an enjoyable first flight experience with Thai airways.


Got my treatment done at Novu aesthetics after my trip to Thailand to rejuvenate my skin. Thank you Novu Aesthetics for this wonderful treatment from before my trip all the way to after my trip taking well care of my skin  🙂




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