Trip to Thailand with Novu Aesthetics and Thailand embassy


Today I will be posting about my trip to Thailand with nova and Thai embassy!
Experienced and learned so much during this trip to Thailand and today I’m going to share with you guys more about my trip if you guys are deciding on where to go for your holidays!

First picture is me putting on Novu’s mask on the plane because I guess all for you knows how dry your skin will become after a plane ride


Did a Phyto laser treatment with Novu before my trip which helps to rejuvenate the skin, lightens pigmentation, balances skin tone, achieve a glowy and radiant look! I felt that my had brightened up instantly after the treatment, all ready to take beautiful pictures for my trip  😛 

Day 1:
Had my lunch at Vincotto restaurant after my flight and I love this place because it’s really cooling and the weather is perfect! Interesting lunch too as you can see from the pictures.


Had a tour to Gran Monte Vineyard! Really really love this place with beautiful mountain views all around the Vineyard and I learnt so much about it!


Below is the machine where they process the wine


Wines are kept in these barrels and one more interesting stuff that I learnt is also how they made champagne, the bubbles of the champagne are actually processed by the type of grapes that is made itself and not added by man kind.


Lady boss of the Vineyard explaining about their family history and how they started out making all these

photo_2017-11-09_13-43-12 photo_2017-11-09_13-43-16

After a trip at the Vineyard and the lovely lunch, we checked in to our hotel at Khao Yai, Its actually a place in Thailand where during night time, the temperature drops to a good 21 degrees and it’s super cooling and I REALLY LOVE IT!!

Hotel name is “My Ozone” I’ve never been to a hotel like this before, I’ve never known that there is actually such place in Thailand, this hotel gave me a vibe where I am not in Thailand but in Europe with natural grass patches and beautiful flowers all over the hotel and every room comes with a balcony where I will sit at the balcony and chill every morning to see the sunrise and at night, with the perfect weather.


Day 2:
Did a morning yoga session at My ozone with Novu’s sunscreen, one thing I like about nova products is that they have their sunscreen in tinted and untinted!

I had the best yoga experience every with the beautiful scenery, perfect weather and of course, Novu’s sunscreen that protects why skin from the harmful sun rays at My Ozone.photo_2017-11-09_13-43-40

After the yoga session we went to another area in My Ozone where they had a organic farm and taught me how to pluck the organic vegetables!

photo_2017-11-09_13-43-32 photo_2017-11-09_13-43-36

I can’t get enough of this place, I felt like a princess for 2 days  😳 

Mixed my own ingredients with the organic vegetables I plucked and its actually quite delicious haha


With Novu’s advanced repair toner that helps to permeates skin layers and works to achieve optimum moisturization and skin firmness which helps to deeply hydrate my skin as it tends to get dry easily after a long day with tons of activities!

photo_2017-11-09_13-44-07 photo_2017-11-09_13-44-10

I also did a health body check up all inside My Ozone and below are the test results of my body haha I don’t know how accurate it is but from what he mentioned it sounded quite exact to my conditions


I took like tons of photos with this grass patch and was rolling around it for the pictures haha.
With Novu’s anti wrinkles product range of lifting eye gel to reduce wrinkles and dark spots under eye


Stay tune for the last 2 days of my trip! will be posting them up soon  😉


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