Seoul Part Two with Cinderella plastic surgery (Recovery Process After Surgery)

Welcome to Sammy’s most unglamorous moment ever in her life!  😆

Part two of my post of my recovery process after surgery is finally up! Will be uploading my pictures on day to day basis from day 1 to day 8 to show the difference before my stitches was removed until it was removed!
Please don’t be afraid after seeing my horrendous pictures that I will be posting up in the next few pictures.

Ok the first picture is really really really really really really bad, was contemplating to upload or not but I wanted to give you guys a clear idea of how my recovering process was like! *Lets start the judging!*

Below is a selfie of me literally right after I step out of the operating room, I can barely open my eyes, feeling super swollen and my hair is in a huge mess!

For day 1, I actually forced myself to open my eyes for a selfie but for the whole day, my chin was up and eyes half closed looking only on the ground and people’s feet LOL.

Day 2: Omg it was one of the worst day for the recovering process, I felt so swollen and lethargic and totally had no mood to head out at all, went below the hotel to get some food and quickly head back to rest! I thought I was lucky enough that I had no blood clot right after the surgery which my friend that did surgery had blood clot in both of her eyes but… mine appeared on day two -.- *clap hands*

Day 3: Day 3 was not any better and I repeated the same thing as day 2 haha

Day 4: WAS FEELING SOOOO MUCH BETTER and was ready to head out for some shopping!!!

Day 5: Was in a mood to dress up because my eyes was feeling GUDDDDD!! Went to eat Korean BBQ and some pretty cafe haha the Korean bbq is damn good!!

Day 6: Day 6 was not much difference in the swelling that I felt compared to day 5 and went nearby to shop!

Day 7: Im sorry I forget what I did on day 7 but I was feeling alright and excited for my stitches removal the next day!!!

Day 8 Was when I got my stitches removed at Cinderella plastic surgery with my favourite translator letting me squeeze her hand because I was a little afraid hehe. Everyone at the hospital was really friendly and I didn’t wait long for the nurse to prepare to remove my stitches.

I will be showing more pictures of my recovery below, so lets head down!  😆


For some unexpected reasons, my lips felt swollen too HAHA

My whole face became round and swollen due to the V thread lifting that I did together with my nose fillers and eye surgery!


This  picture was like what I mentioned above on Day 1 with my eyes purposely stretched open for a selfie but was walking with my eyes like the above ↑ picture.



These eyedrops was prescribed by my doctor from Cinderella plastic surgery! They explained to be clearly writing down the steps of my medicine and how many days to consume it in a piece of paper!


Close up of my eyes.


Day 2
Took this selfie while having some beef soup right below my hotel feeling shitty


I couldn’t wash my face for a few days hence for the oily face sighhhh…


Day 3

I can see that my eyes became larger on day 3 but still feeling sore. Didn’t take much pictures as I didn’t really feel good, day 2&3 is the critical period where you can feel the swell really badly.


Day 4
Went Gangnam station for some walk which was only stone’s throw away from my hotel! I didn’t had much eye bruising compared to my friend and the yellow bruise actually appeared on Day 4 and yellow bruise is supposed to be the last stage of bruising! haha lucky or not?



Was really quite happy as there is not much scarring when I look down and it was only day 4!


Day 5
Was out shopping!!!


A selfie because I was feeling good and less swollen! My skin looks more firm due to the V lift after swelling went down  🙂


Day 6
My finger was to cover the blood clot haha.
Was feeling good and as you can see from the picture, swelling has gone down quite abit!


So I ended up taking a picture showing my blood clot
One side of my eyes is actually recovering slower than the other, I think it was because I was supposed to sleep straight with my pillow lifted up for the first few days but I don’t know why I always ended up waking up with my head off the pillow and facing to my right.


Day 7
EXCITED FOR MY STITCHES REMOVAL!! (I really hate that one string dangling out of my eyes which I actually play with it when I’m bored LOL)




Day 8

I REMOVED MY STITCHES!! It was pain but bearable with the friendly nurses and translator from Cinderella Plastic Surgery.
It looks a little raw but the feeling was really good after removing stitches and I finally dared to look at people in their eyes haha.



Can’t stop taking selfies after my stitches was removed


Yup the blood clot is still there with me, but definitely improving compared to Day 3 where it miraculously appeared.



On day 8, I did some Vitamin C drip too at Cinderella plastic surgery to make my skin appear more glowy! I can feel my skin more radiant. There’s definitely a difference but not very drastic as this drip have to be used in a long term. My skin usually looks kind of dull and dry and I really love the effect of the Vitamin C drip!


Additional pictures after day 8!

I REALLY LOVE MY NOSE AFTER THE FILLERS THAT CINDERELLA DID FOR ME! It was much straighter and pointier compared to my previous nose which can be found on my blog here Seoul Part one with Cinderella plastic surgery (Before surgery).
*click on link above↑*


omg I can’t stop taking selfies haha
eyes recovering really really well thanks to cinderella’s care and pumpkin juices!!!



I was recovering well that I had the mood to even go to the gym haha, I lifted some weights as I was told not to do any vigorous activities.


Felt more difference of the V lift thread, face lifted up and V line was more obvious! I don’t have a V face ok I know but it was more V compared to before instead of my baby fats slightly sagging down, it was more lifted!


WENT TO CLUBBING!! hahah went to D star, a club in Korea because its a must to experience it because its my first time in Korea hehe.
This photo have a clearer view of my V lift, face much firmer! Nose bruise was also swelling down and I REALLY LOVE THE FILLERS I don’t have to go through the pain of nose surgery to having nose to my liking although it will only last about a year  🙁 but at least I can look pretty for a year right? haha better than nothing.


Soooo it’s the end of my Part Two journey with Cinderella Plastic Surgery!
Part Three of after surgery post will be up soon!  😉

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