Seoul Part one with Cinderella plastic surgery (Before surgery)


Its my first visit to Korea and I finally get to experience the culture there after watching countless of Korean drama and imagining the places in my head! Was hoping that I would bump into a Kpop idol, but sadly I didn’t met any 🙁

The main point of this trip to Korea was to get my eyelid done at Cinderella Plastic surgery! So, for this post, I will be posting about my experience with them before I get my surgery done!

I will be getting my blepharoplasty, nose fillers, Face threading and botox done with Cinderella plastic surgery including some pictures of the days I had in the hospital.


Before surgery

 below are some of my pictures before I had my surgery done!

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I had really tiny double eyelids which was almost invisible if I take a selfie from the front angle



Was really excited when I finally had the chance to get my eyelids done as it was really a huge problem for me whenever I chance upon pretty eyeshadows, I have to think twice because whenever I apply eyeshadow and open my eyes, the eyeshadow IS NOT VISIBLE AT ALL and I have always wanted to apply dark eyeshadow but it always appear in a way that my eye had been beaten up by someone and it looks like I was having blue-black instead of eyeshadow *roll eyes emoji*.

  Picture taken while putting on some mask during flight 


Arrived at Seoul 

From the image right below, I will be doing a face threading which is actually for people with saggy skins but I want my face to appear less chubbier and pushing up my cheeks a little bit to have abit V line.


Pictures of my eyes and nose before eyelid surgery and nose fillers :).

Cinderella’s consultation room and bedroom




Went to the clinic for consultation 2 days before my surgery date with the beauty consultant to recommend us what procedure is suitable for us and understanding what kind of eyes we want.

IMG_a (20)

IMG_a (24)KakaoTalk_20170831_110755105

BLOOD TEST TAKEN!! was trying to act cool like everything is ok because I know the camera is infront of me taking some photos of the nurse inserting the needles in my arm. (was really scared)

IMG_a (26)

Preparing for surgery

With the plastic surgeon that will be doing the surgery for me, he’s letting me know what kind of crease he will be doing for me. I actually asked for a more natural looking eyes.


No injection expression compared to the previous picture haha
The lady in red is my translator, she is really nice and kind, taking care of me the entire procedure 🙂


Emotions right before surgery: 70% excited, 30% scared.


I dont remember how long was the procedure because I didn’t take note of the time but the first thing I asked when I wake up was “is my surgery successful”. Was a little shock when I see myself in the mirror right after the surgery, my hair was in a mess and everything was swelled up but I felt no pain at all, just feeling swollen.

Stay tune for my next post which I will post up pictures of me right after surgery and day to day pictures which I look really horrendous next month!  😉

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