Samantha’s Taiwan trip to Taipei and taizhong

IM BACK FROM MY BUSY SCHEDULE!! haven’t been blogging about my life and trips for soooo long!

FINALLY ITS “NOT” THE HOLIDAYS!!! So I actually skipped lectures to go Taiwan because I really miss my ahma too much!!! Anddd i have been to Taiwan countless of times but I have never been to Taizhong before so this trip to Taiwan I’m finally going to Taizhong! One thing I like about going to Taiwan is I can stay at my mum’s place and I don’t have to spend extra money for accommodations hehe.



A picture of SQ seat is a must 🙂


A picture with my mummy on the seats



DAY 1: Stayed home the whole day to accompany my mum and ahma, watched some stupid show that only most elders would enjoy


Home cooked food! how sweet of my grandmother to cook my fav “lu rou fan” which is actually deer meat rice, its quite famous in Taiwan but my grandmother’s one has lesser fats from what they sell outside


Cousins and uncles from Taiwan came over because they miss me!! My cute cousin is a fan of frozen the girl with blonde hair I forgot whats her name but you know what I’m talking about right haha his tying hair skills is 100 times better than mine!!!


The one behind Is the one who braid my hair


ok I look like shit as a baby




Day 2&3: Went to Shilin night market which is Taipei’s largest and well-known night market! I can really never get enough of the shilling night market and I went there 2 days straight in a row to play games and shop! I LOVE TAIWAN’S GAMES they have a whole range of games from mahjong matching where you have to pick a few tiles and match it to the tiles on the board to win and also my favourite game was the gun shooting and I get to shoot balloons that are moving and stationary. I can actually spend 1000TWD which is 50SGD on the games and maybe even more!

Shilin night market is actually located at Jiantan mrt station (捷運劍潭線).

Opening hours: Mon-Sun
11:00am to -02:00am

 Day 4: Went to Rao he ye Shi (饒河街觀光夜市). It was actually my first time to go Rao he night market too and they actually don’t sell much things to shop so if you are looking for something with good foods, Rao he night market is the place to go! they have a super long stretch of different kinds of food to eat and for me, I like their da Bao Bao Xiao Bao which is the rice cake wrapped with sausage inside adding garlic sauce hmmm its so good haha

By train: Songshan Railway Station (松山火車站)

By MRT : MRT Houshanpi Station (捷運後山埤站)

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