Botox done at knightsbridge aesthetic clinic

Got my botox and ulthera done at knightsbridge clinic to slim my face as i always felt that i got a fat face and my friends always says that its baby fats which i don’t think it is. So i went down to knightsbridge aesthetic clinic for a consultation and was recommended that i did a botox at the jaw right below my earlobe as i have some cheek muscles there and then do a Ulthera to burn the fats at my cheek! Below are some pictures of before and after.

Interior design of knightsbridge clinic, it’s really beautiful with purple carpet!!






This was pictures before botox and ulthera

The nurse cleaned my face thoroughly before i apply the numbing cream




numbing cream is applied on my face for about 30 minutes




Gel was applied to my face before doing Ulthera, the pain process of ulthera was bearable it feels like doing IPL but 5 times moe pain where you can feel the machine burning your fats more deep inside rather than IPL which just feels the tingling on the skin.



Super unglam picture of me, was abit scared at the start but after awhile Dr. Chong tried to talk to me about other stuff to not make me think of it haha


It was slightly swollen after the process but the pain was not that bad


5 minutes after my Ulthera


Next is my Botox process!

It was not pain at all



This is the botox mark which have now gone down


This was a side view of before botox which you can see the jaw right below my ugly earlobe is abit popped out


and 3 weeks later!!! its a straight line now instead of the jaw bulging out.


Was quite satisfied with the service overall and was more satisfied with the botox as i can see more difference in it! the downside is i was not able to drink alcohol in the next 48 hours haha and my jaw was somehow tightened and when i talk too much my jaw gets tired but everything will be back to normal in abour 2 weeks! For the ulthera, it takes 1 month to be able to see a difference

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More info about Botox:

  • Jaw Reduction / Face Slimming
    Some of us are born with genetically large chewing muscles, while others develop them over time. These muscles make one’s face look squarish and wide, giving a masculine look. Using Botulinium Toxin A you can reduce the size of these muscles and slim down your face.

Dynamic Wrinkles / Crow’s Feet / Forehead and Frown Lines
Dynamic wrinkles ( wrinkles that appear only on expression and disappear when not making any expressions) are the result of making the same expression over time. A series of lines begin to appear when these expression muscles get strong. These dynamic wrinkles can be easily treated using Botulinium Toxin A .

Calf Muscles
Do you have large calf muscles? Been called ‘carrot legs’ before? Botox can assist in sizing them down to give you slimmer, more feminine-looking and sexier legs.

Reduce Sweatiness of Palms
Sweatiness on the palms (hyperhidrosis) can be an embarrassing condition especially when you’re at a social event. Fret not, with Botulinium Toxin A this condition can be addressed. Botulinium Toxin A injections over the palms is proven to reduce the sweat production of the treated areas for 6 months.

Minimize Pores & Oiliness On Your Face
Suffering from big pores and increased oiliness of the face? Here Botulinium Toxin A injected into the skin, can be used to minimize the pore size and oil gland (sebaceous glands) in your skin.


More info about Ulthera:

Ultherapy is short for ‘ultrasound + therapy’. It is one of the latest and most reliable ammunition in defending against the sagginess of one’s face / jawline / neck. It is a FDA-APPROVED technology for face and neck lifting. It is also effective in the tightening of underarms and decolletage.

Ulthera Prices

Eye and Forehead Area : $700
Face : $2550
Face + Neck  : $3200




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