Birthday dinner at Equinox!








Celebrated mum’s birthday recently at the Equinox located at swissotel singapore and it’s a really wonderful dinner! The view there is superb!

Had a 3 course meal and not only does the food looks appealing but it also taste great especially the dessert, they have the most amazing dessert and it’s definitely worth the price.


This is the salmon half cooked and the little cup on top is the sauce for the salmon which is the clam sauce and together with the salmon it tastes really great, the clam sauce didn’t take over the taste of the salmon and in fact, they match together well!

image5 (1)

THIS IS THE BEST PART THAT I LOVED THE MOST IT’S THE DESSERT! This dessert is called the popcorn caramel where there are popcorn at the sides and a cake at the bottom together with a soft scoop of ice cream at the top.. hmmm i would never forget the taste of it.. The ice cream is so soft that it tasted like cold cream!




image6 (1)

This is another dessert with pudding at the top served with a little small scoop of ice cream too and a few crumble of (i don’t know what’s that called) anyway it’s really nice, and goes well with the ice cream.

image7 (1)

Ordered the kitchen to prepare a cake for my mum! Look at those hand crafted delicate “Happy Birthday Candy”

image8 (1)

And that’s all for dinner at Equinox! ENJOY THE VIEW!!!!


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