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Birthday dinner at Equinox!








Celebrated mum’s birthday recently at the Equinox located at swissotel singapore and it’s a really wonderful dinner! The view there is superb!

Had a 3 course meal and not only does the food looks appealing but it also taste great especially the dessert, they have the most amazing dessert and it’s definitely worth the price.


This is the salmon half cooked and the little cup on top is the sauce for the salmon which is the clam sauce and together with the salmon it tastes really great, the clam sauce didn’t take over the taste of the salmon and in fact, they match together well!

image5 (1)

THIS IS THE BEST PART THAT I LOVED THE MOST IT’S THE DESSERT! This dessert is called the popcorn caramel where there are popcorn at the sides and a cake at the bottom together with a soft scoop of ice cream at the top.. hmmm i would never forget the taste of it.. The ice cream is so soft that it tasted like cold cream!




image6 (1)

This is another dessert with pudding at the top served with a little small scoop of ice cream too and a few crumble of (i don’t know what’s that called) anyway it’s really nice, and goes well with the ice cream.

image7 (1)

Ordered the kitchen to prepare a cake for my mum! Look at those hand crafted delicate “Happy Birthday Candy”

image8 (1)

And that’s all for dinner at Equinox! ENJOY THE VIEW!!!!


DYNA argan oil treatment @ headlines hairdressing

My review on DYNA argan oil treatment at headlines hairdressing

Have been doing DYNA argan oil for months and i can say that i really love it and i go down to the salon to get the treatment done every month because the outcome is so good that i don’t do those rebonding outside other salons anymore!

Dyna hair treatment smoothens your hair and straightens it without any damage to your hair and instead, it acts like a treatment.

Headlines Hairdressing is located at China Square central which is just 5 mins walk away from Chinatown Mrt and Telok Ayer Mrt.


As you can see from the picture right below, the blue and green is step 1. The hairdresser would apply either the green or blue one depends on the condition of your hair, or maybe both.

Dyna is suitable for people who has rebonded their hair before or have unruly and un-manageable hair.


First, they would wash my hair and blow dry it.

image1 (2)

image1 (1)

Secondly, Dyna cat is applied to my hair for straightening and leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off.


image3 image4

Third is straightening my hair with a straightener and then apply Dyna ca for 10 minutes!


AND I’M DONE!! love how my hair looks so straight and smooth without any damage done to my hair and i’m also allowed to tie my hair when i get home but my hair would still be straight without any rubberband shape like how other rebonding is done where you cannot tie or clip your hair after rebonding. image9

Now I’ve got nice curls at the bottom and straight, silky hair at the top.


The whole process only took 2 hours it may seem quite long but the hairdressers at Headlines Hairdressing are really friendly! Time passed really fast while talking to them and i learned alot about my hair and how to take care of them.

Thank you nicholas from headlines hairdressing for helping me solve my hair problems without any worry anymore!!

Mention my name “Samantha Ng” for a 10%-15% discount and look for Nicholas for a 15% discount on all services. (PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE YOU HEAD DOWN)
If you and your friend is interested in the Mucota dyna argan oil treatment, there is a promotion of 218SGD each if both of you come down and do it together!

Website: http://headlines.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/headlines.sg?fref=ts
Contact number: +6562216866 (chinatown) / +62233133(Internationa plaza)