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Lowlight hair dye at Headlines Hairdressing

Finally after a long time ever since i dyed my hair and the roots grew till almost half of my head, Nicholas from headlines hairdressing gave me a colour and created a lowlight effect for me. Lowlight is the opposite of highlight which is using dark color on certain part on your hair and the result is AMAZING!!!

This was before i dyed my hair


Aluminium foil wrapped for lowlight to my hair, nicholas used dark brown for the lowlight colour and light brown for the rest of my hair


Next step after the dye was treatment to soften my hair so that it would not be so damaging to my hair


Finally done with the colouring!! so excited for the final results!


DONE WITH COLOURING and heres the picture of the low light effect, it’s really very pretty and special


These are the stuff used for my dye and treatment, mucota products that is natural to the hair and syringe used for lowlighting


Thank you headlines hairdressing for giving my such a pretty colour and curls that i have always wanted and my hair is still in good condition.

image1 (3)

For long hair dye at headlines hairdressing, it’s $150 before discount and for lowlight and hair colour like mine, it’s $240 before discount! For treatment at headlines hairdressing, $160 before discount.


Mention my name “Samantha Ng” for a 10%-15% discount and look for Nicholas for a confirmed 15% discount on all services. (PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE YOU HEAD DOWN)

Contact number: +6562216866 (chinatown) / +62233133(Internationa plaza)