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Brunch @ Rosti farm

I finally woke up at a normal time instead of waking up at 6pm like always. Went to had brunch for our “early” day at Rosti farm, known for their potatoes.

Their interior designs are quite cute which suit their name “Rosti farm”. Their food looks good and at the first bite it taste really good but after eating half of it, i got abit sick of it.

My bf and i felt abit uncomfortable after eating it but it was not a really big issue though. BUT their milkshake is really good i can say it is one of the best milkshake i ever had! I ordered the cookies and cream milkshake and the bf ordered banana milkshake haha.

They also provided water at the side and they add lemon to it. After drinking one sip of it, the taste of it really tastes like rotton lemon and i asked the bf if the lemon water tastes ok and he says it’s fine but it really taste differently from the usual lemon water i had elsewhere so we stopped drinking it. (It literally taste rotten, It’s not in my mind)




Looks good huh? The fries is not bad though.

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Rosti farm is located at Capitol Piazza, a white building at cityhall area and it’s at level 2. The shop name is not called Rosti farm and i forgot what shop name is it called.

Went to watch Ted 2 after our brunch, ended our day ok afterall. 🙂

Anzyme health

I have been trying out (Anzyme health) Uterine tonic and Uterine tonic capsules for the past 2 weeks and i can say that the effect came out as what they stated! It’s really amazing, some may think that i’m typing this because it’s paid but no, it really works on me haha for the first 3 days of drinking the tonic drink, in the morning i would take it once and even without eating anything, i would go to the toilet and cleanse out the toxic naturally and even after eating and i have been sleeping really well for the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately my period came on the 5th day after taking it, it should come after the 9-12th day because by then it would take better effect on it but during my period, the cramps was not as pain as before but it was still slightly pain, i don’t know if its because of my mind or the amzyme that helps a bit of the cramp but oh well, i will continue taking it and wait for my next menstrual cycle and see haha.

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How to use:

For the Uterine tonic, take one table spoon every morning and night, 2 times daily

For Uterine tonic capsules, eat 3 pills, 2 times daily. 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the night.

image image image image

What should you feel after taking Uterine tonic/capsules:

 Day 1:

  • Natural warmth feeling from within

Day 2-3:

  • Increasing bowel movement/gas, bloating, slight headache, acne. (Temporary, will subside after few days, it happen to me too but not really serious, you wouldn’t notice much about it.)
  • Take more water to assist with the cleansing of body

Day 5:

  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Eases stiff muscle or joint pain
  • Reduce menopausal symptoms

Day 7:

  • Cleansing of uterine area has taken effact, most people report that the bacterial/fungal infections has been greatly reduced
  • Increase natural lubrication (vagina dryness would be reduced)

Day 9-12:

  • Firming of Uterine muscle
  • Better complexion, skin moisturizing, lesser acne and smoother skin on face and body
  • Less cramp pain in next menstrual cycle

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No minimum purchase required, unlimited usage per user.

Discount code expires on 31/12/2015

For long lasting effect, it should be taken for 3 months 🙂

Website: http://www.anzymehealth.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anzymeherbal?fref=ts