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Molten lava cake @ morten’s steakhouse


Molten lava cake at steakhouse is priced at $30 per cake. It’s actually kind of expensive for the quality of the cake. It’s look is really appealing but it’s a bit sweet. I’m a person who love sweet stuff but for that, it’s a little too sweet for me.

Went to eat it with my mum and bf before that, we went to cherry blossom at oriental mandarin to have our dinner, food is good there. Let the pictures do the talking from here




Part time jobs for students & Singapore internships? Why i choose is a relatively easy job search to look for your desired jobs needed. Personally for me, im a student now and currently on a holiday and i tried too it helped me found some jobs that is to my liking and narrowed down my search too. It’s really simple to use, all you have to do is to create a profile for yourself and not only do you need to search for the job, suitable jobs for you would be recommended based on your suitability too. There are many different kind of part time jobs for students and internship singapore opportunities available there.
Why choose stroff instead of others? has built a strong database in exciting companies for example, MNEs, listed companies, SMEs, professional firms, research institutes and educational institutes. For students who dont know which job is suitable for them, also have tips on how to choose a suitable part time jobs or internship that would help you find a suitable one and have a happier workiing environment! 🙂 want to find out which jobs suits you? Go to on five tips on choosing -your part-time jobs!
Pictures below are the step by step of how to register and get it done! it’s just as simple 🙂

Screenshot 2015-05-10 12.38.33

Screenshot 2015-05-10 12.39.58

Screenshot 2015-05-10 12.41.43

1. “Internship Preferences” & “Part Time Job Preferences”
– Allows students/jobseekers to indicate their preferences for their internships and part time jobs
– companies/employers/recruiters can then search through the profiles from the “Internship Preferences” and “Part Time Job Preferences”, and contact the ones that are suitable to offer them part-time Singapore jobs and Singapore internship opportunities
– Based on the matches between the “Internship Preferences”/”Part Time Job Preferences” and the Job Ads for Internships/Part Time Jobs posted, matching Internship and Part Time Jobs will be recommended to the students/jobseekers, and matching students/jobseekers will be recommended to the companies/employers/recruiters.

2. “Private Messaging” (PM) function
– Allows all users of the portal to contact each other easily, so jobseekers can PM each other, employers can PM jobseekers, and jobseekers can PM employers

3. “Refresh” function
– Job Owners can easily “Refresh” their job ads by clicking on the “Refresh” function to bring their ads back to the top every 48 hours

Facebook: • [Internship]:
• [Part Time Jobs]:

Pick my style application

Pick my style app is a fast growing new application to showcase your fashion to people all around the world, or even getting style feedbacks. Pick my style also allows users to get instant style feedback. Users can post their outfits and our community will vote it for you based on different opinions but mostly from Singapore.

Don’t know what to wear for a dinner date? or what pair of shoes to match your outfit? Pick my style application also allows you to compare two different styles and our community would decide if which one fits well. It should be fun and exciting for users to vote and get inspired by different kind of styles. Pick m y style is growing bigger everyday and within a few minutes, there should be some votes already.

I’ve downloaded it on my android phone and played with it for awhile. It is really a fun and interesting app and its really simple to use, all you have to do is sign up with username, password and email address and you can start uploading pictures of your fashion 🙂

Pick my style application is available in android play store and would be coming soon on IOS apple. User can enter his/her email on  and we will send a notification once its ready for download on IOS.

Link to Pick my style application on android play store: