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Valentine’s day 2015

Will u be my “valentine”/ Will u be my “girlfriend”?

Was supposed to have dinner at 730pm but something gone wrong with the surprised and we met at 830pm (AND SURPRISINGLY I WAS NOT ANGRY because he lied that he had family dinner and had to entertain his relatives and all). Went to have our dinner at CMPB dempsey hill, it was quite a nice place and romantic atmosphere.

After the dinner, he lied that he have to head down to jln sultan to take some stuff from his friend so we head down to the sultan and he’s starting to act abit weird and bought me up to the room. Closed my eyes and opened with the balloons on the wall and at that point of time i just felt like i was the luckiest woman on earth, was speechless because no words can describe how i feel. And yes it’s will you be my girlfriend and it’s replaced by a heart because that silly boy’s balloon broke and became “heart” instead of “girl”.

stayed at the room for the whole day, drank champagne and it was really enjoyable just sitting down to talk and play games.

Thankful for everything that you have done for me, putting in so much effort in this, always treating me like a princess, giving in to me and etc.

P.s 10 lies you made on 14th feb 2015

hotel @ The sultan

15th feb 2015

Woke up and check out the room for brunch at Lola’s cafe but it was damn packed so we headed to Arbite cafe @ serangoon garden instead.

It’s me and the balloons


 drinking champagne








Brunch at Arbite cafe



My 19th birthday!

Super late post of my 19th birthday which falls on the 3rd january this year because i was really busy with school and work, soooo here’s how i celebrated my birthday!

My friends actually came to my house to surprise me, not by ringing the doorbells and i open the door and surprise but they hid in my room and when i came home, my sister acted with them to surprise me! haha it was a really sweet and memorable birthday afterall 🙂

After the celebration, we went to somewhere for supper but i forgot what place is that and as usual, chilled with the people and headed home in the morning.

Its not the end yet… the next day on my actual birthday, went to Grand hyatt hotel for dinner buffet with my mother and my two lovely girls, Kaori and janelle. The buffet was really nice, all different kinds of cuisine from japanese to indian food and i ate ALOT of lobsters haha

After that, went to Fashion TV club and charlene gave me a kiss on the cheek!

More pictures below

With my mummy

image2 (3)

My birthday kiss

image1 (3)


image3 (3)

P.S i love helium balloons

image2 (2)


image3 (2)