November 2014 archive

Happy birthday kaori!!!

Hi kao this blog post is specially for you!
A bestfriend to me is someone like you who were always there for me be it good or bad and knows every little dirty secret of you and still wants you and love you for who you are and you have been giving in to me since day 1(3 years) for my horrible temper ALWAYS and wouldn’t even complain a single word till now. Even though we disagree at stuff sometimes but we will never fight. You will also hear my stupid rants of the same old stuff over and over and over again and still listens and advice me. Also, thanks for always coming over to my house like immediately whenever im down to make sure i’m okay and slowly take the train to travel quite a distance down because you know i dont like to sleep at your house haha 
You always make me feel like i’m worth something much more than what i think of myself.
Sometimes i may have said mean stuff about you that you wouldn’t like but you didnt even get angry at me and tell me nicely.
20 years from now im gonna look back and remember that you are that one person who could turn every frown into a smile; that person who lifted my head when i was losing faith in myself; that one person who carried tears on her shoulders after every fight, rvery breakup, and even death; that one person that accepted every decision i made; that one person who knew who i really was thank you bestfriend!!! I love you 


Haven’t been posting anything for so long so im gonna blog about my driving test that was taken on 30th October!!! not really proud of myself because its my third time taken before i pass and didn’t really expect that i would pass because i failed for 2 times with a point of 36 & 32 respectively IT’S HORRIBLE and some people say malay tester will pass and all of my testers were chinese! and during my third attempt i saw a chinese tester and my mind was like “i’m gonna fail again lo” CONFIDENCE LEVEL 0 
My tips to pass is not to be nervous because i was nervous for the first two tests and for my third test i actually couldn’t be bothered anymore and surprisingly i passed!! HAHAHAHAHA and always always bear in mind that safety first!!!!