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Super late post of my taiwan trip bcos i was really busy!! Went to taiwan with my mum and sissy and stayed at my grandma’s place as usual.. 
Day 1: arrived at taoyuan airport at around 1pm and went home straight to sleep because me and my sister didnt sleep the whole night.. after that, went to somewhere near to shop at taoyuan. Day 1 photos are below!

HAHAHA and there was this super giant pig nearby my house in taiwan that would just walk around the neighbourhood as and when it likes (p.s my house in taiwan is located at taipei, yingge)
Day 2: went for family dinner with my cousins and my jiujiu and ahma to have steamboat and grilled place i dont know what isit called 

It was superrr delicious and the desserts was brownie and you can grill the brownie its yummy!! Went back home and played with my cousins.. thats how my day ended^^
Day 3: Ximending and shilin ye shi
If you are looking for hats and eyelashes, ximending is definitely the place for you! They have tons of hats there with good quality and reasonable price compared to shi lin. Went to shi lin after ximending and bought many clothes and shoes there! At shi lin its a MUST TO BARGAIN. I went to taiwan at a summer season and they are selling many pretty summer clothes! 
Below is my ootd for day 3 

Day 4: WUFENPU!! its a place where they sell wholesale clothes at a really cheap price and the clothes there are nice and cheap but you might have to walk to the small lanes to look for prettier clothes 
Bought the outer wear for 
Bargained to 400(16SGD)!! HAha 
This was taken right outside my doorstep
Remember to bring a mini luggage whenever you wanna shop because it would be very tiring to carry sooo many stuff if you plan to shop till the end! 
wufenpu closes at 12-1am and went for foor and neck massage right opposite wufenpu! TWD700(SGD 30) FOR 60MINUTES!

I LOVE MASSAGES everywhere i go it would be a must for me to go!! ITS A MUST 
Day 5: Didnt went anywhere on day 5 because i was too tired shopping the previous day and cousins came to my house because they miss me!! 

This little cousin’s name is xiao long which is similar to mine, xiao man haha he tied this plaits for me as he was obsessed with the show “frozen” where the girl would always have this paits on too haha love him sooo much he was really damn cute… 
Day 6: Zhong xiao fu xing And taipei 101
Went there to find my mum as she wanted to shop the shopping mall there and yay i bought my macarons that i was craving since day 1!!! 

Bought 9 of them home!! Hehe one was only for $1.50?  Compared to singapore it was quite cheap.
didnt really went near taipei 101 because i actually went up before and the maximum they allowed people to go was 80 plus or smth? YEah and i managed to take a picture of the building. 
Day 7: wufenpu again because we got nowhere to go..
ohya bought this really cute umbrella and my grandma was holding it everywhere.. she seems to like it more than me haha 
umbrella was TWD330(SGD14)

It was the end of my trip and was really sad to leave my grandma and cousins and jiujiu haha but I WILL BE BACK!!! 

sad face while i was in the taxi on the way to the airport… šŸ™ 

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