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photoshoot with lilyrae

photoshoot with lilyrae recently and really had alot of fun shooting with them.
Lilyrae is available at KissJane Vivo City, Jurong point & Blogshopping Far East Plaza, Bugis Junction, Jem and The Star Vista.
Here are more pictures of me in lilyrae’s PREMIUM COLLECTION dresses (discount code at the bottom!)
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HEPBURN DRESS: Suitable for attending events or weddings. Round neckline with structured skirt. Definitely a head turner dress. Attached sash can be tied in several ways. Create a twist in front and tie a ribbon at the back or vis versa.
PINK SUNFLOWER DRESS: skater dress with pink sunflower prints. Great for office wear or attending weddings. With a cute pink ribbon at the back!^^ 
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Instagram: @lilyrae_co

Thailand, Bangkok

Went to Thailand for 6 Days 5 Nights with my friends and i really enjoyed it there. The things were superrrr cheap and the food was really good. 
Stayed at Chaophya Park Hotel
Day 1: went to mbk right after we touched down from the airport.
Mbk is mostly guys clothes so me and my girlfriend didnt really had fun there.
At night, went to safe house ( a club at thailand bangkok ) OMG IT WAS AWESOMEEEE the songs and base was perfect!!
Outfit of the night for safe house!!

Day 2: At the streets of chatuchak!!! it was the best market ever. Bought most of my clothes there but one thing bad was it was very hot and you have to walk under the sun.

Day 3: Chatuchak weekend market AGAIN, this time we didnt buy anything and headed to dalot rot fai in the night.

This whole set of clothes plus sunglasses plus bag was from chatuchak!!
tube was priced at 120 Baht = 5SGD
skorts was at 280 Baht = 11SGD
daisy bag was at 200Baht = 8SGD
sunglasses was at 200Baht = 8SGD

night market at dalot rot fai. The things there was not bad too and it was really really big. Price is also affordable.

Went to a siam diu named 4by4 HAHA and there was a massager in the guy’s toilet giving you service by twisting your neck and you have to give him tips for doing there. picture of boon hao’s neck twisted.

Day 4: Went to theme park!!! SIAM PARK the place was really big  but not much rides and it was quite expensive too. $40 per person for the water park and land park.

Day 5: went to platinum mall and bought many stuff too. the clothes there was slightly more expensive than all the other markets in bangkok. After that, as usual went to drink with my friends.
Day 6: everyone was really sad that the trip has to end and we even thought of extending one mroe night! haha overall, i really had fun at thailand but was not really satisfied with my buys, didnt buy as much clothes as i expected.