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Been wanting chokers but couldnt find a suitable one? Check out @theblackacc on their insta shop and carousell account! Every piece is designed to suit each and every needs of customers! If you think your neck is too small/big, do not worry because they can do it specifically to your neck length!^^
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Been having alot of problems recently. People out there who are having problems with friends or r/s dont worry if they are your true friends they will stick through you all the way. SOme so called “friends” are just friends some will betray and hurt you but ignore them because dont let anyone or anything pull you down. TRUST NO ONE BUT YOURSELF people are gonna hurt you even your closest one.And do not worry because everything is going to be alright eventually:) dont worry about whats gonna happen tomorrow if not you will miss out the good things today. 


Just came back from my driving lesson under the heavy rain just now, things are not going good recently for me hope that things will get better in time! MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY TIRED, gonna take a nap after this post.. 

Anyway, i received this shoe recently from stylewreckparade (a new online store)  ITS REALLY REALLY COMFORTABLE FOR THE PRICE YOU PAY. It doesnt give you blisters when you wear it for the first time like some other shoe. AFFORDABLE+COMFORTABLE+PRETTY.
Its also quite easy to match when you wanna go to town or somewhere far because it doesn’t hurt your feet after a long walk.
Tassel oxford loafers in wine.

Add more style to your life with Denim casual blazer

Arm candie short top, nice for casual wear.

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New month, new clothes recently joined this giveaway from pearlmilkteea and didnt expect i would win! The winners are able to choose an item of their liking and just email them. For me, i chose this slit maxi dress because i dont have any long dresses and its a must to have in every girl’s wardrobe. Haha do join their giveaway too their clothes are really nice and material is good too, shipping is super fast. 
How to join?
add pearlmilkteea on facebook at 
 like and share their recent album which is collection 82 Album and comment done! Its as easy as that. Goodluck! 

work at shabuya/tajimaya (vivocity)

Started work recently at a japanese at vivocity shabu shabu.. have been working for a week and its soooo tiring but the pay is good so, oh well i have to go on so that i can shop!!! woohoo.. Have been really busy recently while waiting for my school results coming out on the 10th june!!! so excited^^^ below are the pictures taken with the cuties that worked(suffered) with me .
With my japanese bestie kaori! The sun  is just so bright that the picture turns out so bright

With randy hehe he got this balloon for me after work, its a navy thingy located outside my workplace giving out free balloons and boat ride with those kiasu aunties queueing up for like few hours just to take a pic with a gun and sitting the boat haha YAY BALLOONS

Last of all, cheryl!!!! my condo friend who lives just beside my block and she was the one who introduced this job to be.. pic taken in shabuya.

ANDDDDD dont forget my selfie!!!! hair messed up all after work with the giant brown uniform. 
felt really unglam and sticky and smelly after work:( thats all for today! my next post would be about my giveaway from pealmilkteea!! stay tuned!