May 2014 archive

Peach blosson @ Marina Mandarin hotel on Friday 16/5/14

A Dinner with my mum and her friends at marina mandarion hotel it was really a beautiful place to have a dinner but really expensive too.. went to peach blossom to have a dinner and the food there is really good!!!! My mother still bought for me a Givenchy lipstick when i told her i want a MAC one haha such a sweet mother…

This is the lipstick it has a really really nice packaging and even has the Givenchy stamp on it!
When put on my lips it really feels moisturized.. so nice colour! the

a day out with kelly and kayverlyn

Went to town with my pretty friend kelly!^^ was really nice to see her after so long, busy with our own life.. We went to eat sushi at a restaurant KOH GRILL SUSHI BAR!  i ordered as much food as i can eat because its her treat! Kayverlyn is a cute little girl which is kelly’s daughter. She’s really too adorable and lovely! Here are some pictures taken with Kayverlyn and Kelly! 🙂

A kiss from me and kelly to Kayverlyn!

A kiss from Kaverlyn 
Our pouty lips! haha

She’s holding the gift i bought for her from fox! isn’t she such a cutie? 
After all, we had a nice day hanging out after so many years!! 
Remember to book reservations for koh grill sushi bar because the queue there is superrrrr long and lucky kelly is such a smart girl to book reservations haha.