March 2014 archive

Back to taiwan on CNY

At the airport! was so excited to go to taiwan to see my grandmother and cousins!
At the Toilet bowl Restaurant, really cool there their seats looks like a toilet bowl and their food looks like “shit” but surprisingly it doesn’t turns you off when you see the food. 

              Had a drink at the bar in W hotel with my mother!


         So happy with my nails that i did in taiwan. It costs me TWD 1000 which is SDG$50
Chipped my nails on the first day after i had it done..

With my baby cousin! omg he’s too adorable

            A goodbye kiss from baby cousin when im returning back to singapore.. awww

 My grandmother cooks the most delicious meal! reunion dinner!

     Played the ball game

           My Cousins again

 Goodbye ahma! i will miss you.

Like a boss at W hotel


Im finally back to blogging after years of wandering! Blogger has changed so much that i don’t know how to customise it now:(((.. Oh well i will slowly figure that out myself.
Im going to upload pictures of my 18Th birthday! it was like the best birthday i ever had over my 18 years of life. I was really glad that most of the people could make it and i really had fun.


These crazy bitches that i’ve known for almost 4 years

 condo friends..

This is how treehouse @ changi looks like its really big and nice there. Great thanks to my goodfriend who arraged everything for me (: