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Welcoming a newborn to the family is a joyous occasion and definitely worth every bit of celebration. Though precious moments like these make childbearing worthwhile for most mothers but becoming a parent triggers an array of emotions, from joy and excitement to anxiety and fear, feeling uncertainty towards motherhood and bouts of inexplicable weeping.These feelings are known as baby blues. Baby blues are fairly common among new moms, but how do you cope with all these issues?

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Below are 5 tips on how to handle common postnatal issues I have tried and worked!

1Skin-to-Skin Contact

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Regardless of whether you breast-feed or formula feed your baby, try doing so while their bare skin is against your own. If the room is cool, wrap a blanket around your baby’s back to keep them warm. You can also cradle your baby skin-to-skin.

Skin-to-skin contact relaxes both you and your baby, as well as enhances the bond between you. Additional benefits of skin-to-skin contact include prolonged periods of sleep and alertness, less cold stress, improved weight gain, better brain development and decreased crying.

2. Take Care and Create time for Yourself

Taking care of yourself is one of the best ways to relieve or prevent postpartum depression. It’s important that you look after yourself during the postpartum period. Try to get as much rest as you can, sleep when your baby sleeps! If you have family or helper who can look after your baby while you take a nap, be sure to enlist their help.

Set aside quality time for yourself to relax and take a break from your mom duties. Find small ways to pamper yourself. Schedule some dedicated “me time” once a week. Even if you can only get out of the house between nursing sessions, you can use this time to decompress.

3. Lean on others for Help and Support! Open Up!

Don’t keep your feelings to yourself! Humans are social creatures and crave interaction with others. Having positive social interactions and emotional support may be a protective factor in helping to reduce stress and deal with life’s difficulties. New moms can cope with postnatal issues better by emotional support from family and friends. Receiving social and emotional support from others can enable you to better cope with problems on your own, by boosting your self-esteem and sense of independence. Seeking help from experienced mommies are a great way to get quick help and might even solve the problems you are facing. It’s important for your family and loved ones back home to provide encouragement and support along the way. In fact, just knowing and accepting that you’re going through a rough period may be enough. Remember happy mommy results in happy baby.

4Maintain a Healthy Diet

Make meals a priority. When you’re depressed, nutrition often suffers. What you eat has an impact on mood, as well as the quality of your breast milk, so do your best to establish healthy eating habits. So do remember to eat up! (I snack as and when I can especially sweet stuffs like chocolates to help improves my mood hehehe)

5Postnatal Massage

Postpartum massage is given to new moms for up to forty days after delivery. It has significant benefits for your psychological and physical well-being. It helps alleviate sore spots after the process of childbirth. Massage also boosts the release of endorphins which alleviate pain and are associated with good feelings.

Who should I go to for my Postnatal Massage?

I entrust my recovery process, emotional and physical well-being to Postnatal Massage Singapore!

Why Postnatal Massage Singapore  ?
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  • Free Replacement Of Therapist If Required
  • Free Baby Massage Tutorial


Where is Postnatal Massage sessions held at?

At the convenience of your home!
Postnatal Massage Singapore are known as the top post natal massage home service provider, so all their services are home-based. As some moms practise the more traditional approach of confinement where they will stay inside the house during the critical period. Hence, post natal massage home service is preferred in many Singapore moms!

What do I need to prepare for Post Natal Massage home service  ?

You will only need to prepare 2 large towels and 2 smaller towels.
Recommended to take some light food at least one hour before and shower before the massage starts.

How long is the massage?

75mins per session. 60 mins massage + 15mins binding

What can I expect during Postnatal Massage?

Step 1 : WARM UP – Warming up your body to ensure your body is completely relaxed and calm to avoid the risk of injury.

Step 2 : REMOVE WATER RETENTION – Moving on to the massage of your legs, such as focusing on the calves, which can greatly relieve pregnancy swellings and leg cramps. Also, by reducing water retention on the thigh area can reduce the swelling


Step 3 : FULL BODY MASSAGE – Mothers might experience muscle tension and back pain from pregnancy, our massage therapist will focus on the back to sooth the muscle tension on the spine area to reduce the pain for the mothers


Step 4 : REMOVE & REPOSITION – Postnatal massage therapy includes a specific care on the abdomen area to improve the uterine by encouraging a natural discharge of lochia. This can help with the positioning of the pelvic muscle back into place.


Step 5 : BREAST MASSAGE – Breastfeeding is a gift to new mothers but it can be a rough start for many. Therefore, the massage therapy focuses on breast massage to help mothers with engorgement problems. Breast massages can help a mother to improve on lactation in order to have a smoother flow of breast milk.

Step 6 : RELAXATION – The massages include your arms, shoulder, neck and your head to improve the soreness and tiredness from the weight of the growing baby. Postnatal massage will also massage the head area as some mothers might be facing stubborn headaches and migraines.

Step 7 : BINDING – Upon completing the massage, there will be a binding session using the complimentary Tapel Oil from PNSG. Binding can benefit mothers in straightening their body postures and helps to slim down their body as well. Our binder is specially designed to help mothers to tone back their pre-pregnancy body shape. Our binder will not affect mothers to breastfeed, as they can let their babies latch without removing or exposing themselves.

Post Natal Massage Benefits

Step 8 : FINAL TOUCH – The last step of this massage session will be with ended Pilis application on the forehead of the mothers to prevent migraines, blurry vision and tension headaches.

All these postnatal massages offer many benefits to the new mother, so there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ choice. Take your pick and book one now to indulge in a relaxing session to recuperate from the strenuous childbirth period. The prices stated for all post natal massage packages are nett pricing, inclusive of transportation cost, and many more!

13 sessions of PostNatal Massage with Aunty Nazi & PostNatal Massage Singapore went by so quickly in just a blink of an eye, now i’m missing those days where Aunty Nazi could relieve all my stiff and achy bones as well as my engorged boobs! I’m gratified with the results and services rendered!





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