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*GSS Promo* Hair & Nails Makeover @ Athens Salon!

July 26, 2017 | No Comments

Athens Salon @ Midpoint Orchard To be honest, I’m so afraid to bleach my hair again as I’m traumatised from my past experience with this particular salon that causes maximum damaged to my hair which led to zero fringe left. *Botak y’know?* But I decided to entrust my *Life* to Athens Salon (ok my hair is […]

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Journey towards a fairer skin tone – Whitening Jab @ Bevelry Wilshire JB

July 12, 2017 | No Comments

As we are asians, we have the so-called “yellowish skin tone” which all of us hated the most! So i decided to make a change! I WANT TO BE LIKE SNOW WHITE 🙁 So I checked with Docdoc and they recommended two JB clinics that do whitening jab. I chose Bevelry Wilshire Medical Clinic @ […]

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