New Benchmark for Managing Eye Performance by Videre & Essilor

Grand opening of Videre

Congratualtions on the grand opening of Videre! I was invited to celebrate this special moment and witness the new benchmark of managing eye performance by Videre in collaboration with Essilor. 

About Videre

Videre, Latin word ‘to see,’ is a vision care boutique with state-of-the-art equipment, bespoke experiences, and solutions for your eyecare needs. Videre provides professional eye examination, optical dispensing of eyewear, contact lens fitting, myopia management for children and vision therapy. 

In my opinion, having a perfect eyesight is no longer common. More and more children are suffering from myopia resulting in wearing spectacles at a young age. I suffered from myopia when I was at the age of 10 due to sitting too near to the television, studying in a minimal light environment, lying down while playing with my phone etc. That was when I needed an eye examination. At such a young age, I had trouble in answering the optometrist during the eye examination whenever he or she asked about whether option 1 or 2 which was clearer. I guessed you would feel the same way too. 

Thanks to the unveiling of new benchmark for managing eye performance in a new digital era by Essilor in collaboration with Videre, eye examinations can now be done in fun and educational manner! Results will also be churned out under 90 seconds. It is more accurate than the traditional eye test with the debut of Wave Analyzer Medica (WAM) 700+.

About Wave Analyzer Medica (WAM) 700+

Fast and fully automatic:
7-in-1 measurement solution

The WAVE ANALYZER is a fast and effective automatic aberrometer that provides 7 different detailed measures in one easy-to-use solution. With wireless connectivity, it facilitates the sharing of results with patients and transfer of data for follow-up monitoring or action.

  • Based on wavefront and Shack-Hartmann technology
  • Large touch screen makes it simple to navigate or follow the progression of measurement cycle
  • Easy data sharing with clear and customizable result reports
  • Comprehensive measurements :
    • 1/100 diopter refraction for day and night vision
    • Low and high order aberration with simulation of vision quality
    • Topography and pupillometry for contact lens fitting and keratoconus detection
    • Retro-illumination of crystalline lens for opacity check and cataract screening
    • Scheimpflug-based pachymetry and tonometry for secured glaucoma screening

This is the area where patrons are able to discover their lens combination. 

Chen Han Wei is also the brand Ambassdor. 

Listening to the optometrist elaborating on Chen Han Wei’s eye examination results from WAM 700+

Today, Vision-RTM 800 phoropter offers continuous power changes and reinvents refraction.

A more accurate phoropter for a more precise refraction.

An easier procedure for the practitioner for a fully reliable prescriptnce.

Routine eye examinations are important to maintain optimal eye health. A comprehensive eye examination is not just your basic eye screening. It does not only determine prescriptions for refractive errors, but also to catch early signs of eye disease and other health issues.

If it has been two or more years since your last eye examination or you have not had the recommended test for your age group, it is advisable to schedule a comprehensive eye examination.

I am totally sold by all these new technologies. I will definitely go to Videre to do my eye examination soon! 

Videre is located at Forum the Shopping Mall. Do visit them and experience it yourself!


Forum the Shopping Mall

583 Orchard Road #01-26/27/35/36/37 Singapore 238884

Tel: (65) 6369 0041

24 hours (Call/Whatsapp): (65) 85227799




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