Preparation for the BIG Day!

When it comes to the decision of entering into the next chapter of your life, we will always imagine our dream wedding! Everything has to be perfect on that special day! 

In fact, the truth is nothing is perfect even till the very day. There’s bound to be cock up and minor things that change at the very last minute. So I have made a promise to myself that let’s take it easy and just enjoy the preparation process for my special day! 

Here, I will be sharing my journey of wedding preparation and what should we do during the whole preparation process. Here is a brief checklist which you can refer to.

So the first thing that I did was to look for a suitable date for my special day. While this is optional but usually for Chinese tradition, we will look for fortune teller and ask for auspicious dates. You can skip this step if you feel it is not applicable to you. 

Next, once we got those dates, I started to select my wedding banquet and ask for the availability. It will be good if you have friends who actually work in hotel or referral to enquire about the banquet pricing. The banquet pricing increases every year. This is unavoidable. Doing a lunch wedding is always cheaper by a few hundred dollars per table as compared to dinner banquet. Also, if your wedding falls on weekday, you can expect the cost to be lower than that of a weekend banquet. 

Most importantly, you have to know what is your priority on that special day. My top priority is food quality and budget. Second is accessibility for my guests and the layout of the ballroom. I want my ballroom to be pillars-less. So do list down the things that are your priorities. After which, that’s where you are able to select your hotels. It took me around 1 month to select those hotels. These are my list of hotels that I went and had a look:

1. Goodwood Park Hotel

2. Mandarin Oriental 

3. Park Royal @ Pickering 

4. Tamarind Hill

5. Peach Garden Restaurant 

Do look out for wedding showcase at

These 2 links above provides information regarding which hotel is having wedding showcase and also gowns information which I will talk about it in my next blog. 

For my first choice, it is Goodwood Park as I love the ballroom with those mirrors as it looks grand and spacious. However, the receiption area seems abit small for us after some consideration. We spoke to the sales executive and we were offered some drinks during the discussion. The package was relatively OK. Nothing too special that attracted us and signed the package right away. 

Next, I went to Mandarin Oriental. I went for their wedding showcase at first and subsequently met up with the sales executive who was referred by my friend. Why do I say it is best to be referred by friends or friends who works in hotel, as we can get better perks for the wedding package. Also you can get better stuff during wedding showcase too and if you are lucky you can win some giveaways! My package that mandarin oriental gave us was super attractive. I nearly wanted to sign up with them. But the concern was my wedding date that I wanted was already taken up by another couple. 

Here comes Park Royal @ Pickering. I attended my girlfriend’s wedding at this hotel, everything was perfect from the food quality to the ambience and the ballroom. However, all my wedding dates were fully booked. Therefore, I did not bother to enquire further. 

Lastly, we went and visit Tamarind Hill during their wedding showcase. I fall in love immediately when I stepped into the restaurant.

You will know what I mean if you are there. Sarah was the sales executive who attended to us. She was very patient in answering our questions and I wanted to compliment Steven the manager of Tamarind Hill Restaurant and Villa Samadhi. I love the easygoing and friendly attitude that he bring across to us. He brought us around to look at the different bridal suite and his services was so on point! I totally recommend you to look for Steven if you planning to do your wedding at Tamarind Hill.

But sad to say, I did not engage Tamarind Hill to be my ideal wedding venue. Firstly, due to the maxmium capacity that the location can hold. Secondly, wedding is never about the couple. It is always about the two families. Despite the restaurant provides the ambience that I’m looking for, it actually has alot of pillars and splitting the two families into 2 different sides. So both my partner and I have this concern that our folks may not like it. If not, everything is perfect for us! 

In the end, we went to our last selection, Peach Garden Restaurant. Why did I select this particular restaurant was because of their food quality. This restaurant has a few outlets. I have selected Peach Garden @ Orchid Country Club. I was assigned to Nway, the sales executive who was very friendly and responded to my enquiries very quickly. I did not dwell on this decision for very long. After visiting the location, the next day I decided to go ahead with them. Why is it so? Firstly, food quality is rest assured. Secondly, it is within our budget even I select the highest tier package. Thirdly, it is accessible from Yishun Mrt (shuttle bus is provided every 15 mins). Fourth, the services that this restaurant provides are good. I don’t need to worry about their standard. Fifth, the wedding themes that Peach Garden provide is what I want. Plus, the perks that I asked for, they are able to fulfill my request. On top of that, I have a free instant photo booth for my guests (this is the promotion given in September 2018). So that’s it, the deal is closed! 

As you can tell from the photo, there are a few pillars around, but I think it is still acceptable. 


This is where the reception table will be. Of course all these will be removed.

This is the area where my photo album will be display. The chairs will be removed and I will engage vendors for my photo album display. Still looking for one now. Do drop me a comment if you all know any. 

Lastly, one tip to remember it is to ask for the things that you may need e.g. Free flow of beer/wine, extra room for bridesmaid or brothers, extra carpark coupons, extra one night stay or upgrade to better rooms etc. Never ask, you will never get. So just ask without hesitation but of course ask in a polite manner.

For my next post I will be blogging about pre-wedding shoot and gowns selection. Stay tune! 

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