Shinagawa Eye Centre 10th Year Anniversary

Happy 10th Year Anniversary to Shinagawa Eye Centre! 

Yesterday went for the celebration of 10th year anniversary of Shinagawa Eye Centre. So much hardwork has been put into it to become what it is today! 

Shinagawa Eye Centre has a long history of helping people with eye problems in Singapore. They have a full range of eye care services with advanced diagnostic and surgical devices available at the eye clinic. The two senior eye doctors (Dr Lee Sao Bing and Dr Jovina See) have a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of eye conditions. 

Shinagawa Eye Centre continually invests in modern equipment – both for diagnostic tests and surgical treatment. The AMARIS laser and the Avedro cross-linking devices are expensive high-end equipment to meet the needs of those undergoing LASIK surgery. Advanced intraocular lenses are available for those going for cataract surgery.

The Centre offers a full range of services. Those who are well can undergo eye screening or pre-employment eye check-up. They provide examination and tests that can diagnose many different types of eye diseases and also medications and surgical treatment for various eye problems.

The luxurious setting of their Centre is complete with operating rooms, consultation rooms, private recovery and resting area designed to help patients feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Here are some pictures of the those rooms 

Patients have to change into their given clothes and shoes before the surgery. And this is the resting area before surgery/treatment start.

The entrance to the surgery room.

I had a tour around the clinic and introduced to different types of treatments that the clinic provides. We toured different rooms and the walked through the whole process of how the pre-lasik surgery. *Of course not the surgery process but what we would expect e. g. Eye check, diagnosis etc, before which type of treatments is recommended that will be suitable for the patient*

As a short-sighted individual, I’m sure we have our agony! From finding our spectacles when we wake up to the cleaning of the specs, and the chances of dropping the specs onto the floor or worst losing our spectacles! 

For me, my main concern is wearing contact lenses for the longest period of time while working or dancing. As I love to wear colour contact lenses and colour contact lenses tends to make your eyes feel dry easily and this is super annoying! I will always force myself to yawn so that I can make sure my eyes are moist with my own tears. Haha. I know this is ridiculous, why can’t I just use eyedrop? But I can’t keep using eyedrop when I am talking to my customer. So yeah, that’s my way of keeping my eyes moist. *Please do not learn, is a bad habit*

To be honest, I have been contemplating lasik procedure for quite sometime. I want to do away with the hassle of wearing spectacles and wish I could wake up with super clear vision every single morning! So I will definitely consider. 

Why Shinagawa? 

The most important aspect of any health care facility is to have the human touch.  As a patient, we need a centre to provide meticulous patient-care and understand your needs.

You’ll be glad to know that no information is hidden and no unnecessary surgery is performed. Patient Education Materials such as periodicals and videos are available at their clinic.

Also I have navigated the website myself, it provides very detailed information on their procedures and each individual treatment! I’m impressed by how detailed it is. One more plus point! Their fees are available on their website! They are very transparent. 

Here presenting to you Dr Lee and Dr See giving their speech

Do make an appointment with them to find out more! 

Here is their website link: 

Shinagawa Eye Centre

Shinagawa Eye Centre
501 Orchard Road #05-15
Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

T : 6738 8222
F : 6235 3788
E :

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday : 9am – 5:30pm
Saturday : 9am – 5pm

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