So let’s continue my Germany trip part 2! The next few days we travelled to Dresden. It was about a 5 hours drive from Bacharach and we stayed at an AMAZING  19th CENTURY CASTLE! Never in my life would I imagine that I am able to stay in a castle at all! But this trip fulfilled my princess dream only for just 2 days.. 

This is the Schloss Eckberg Castle. Here is the link of a little history about Schloss Eckberg Castle: History of Schloss Eckberg Castle

The next day we went for a day trip to Prague and go on a famous hiking trail. It was fun, exhausting and of course lots of laughter with my colleagues when we were on the way up. The tour started by fetching us from our castle hotel and cross the border to Czech Republic. 

If anyone wish to join this tour, do keep in mind that please wear a pair of good comfortable walking shoes! My shoes broke while hiking as our whole group did not expect to be such a long walk. We even thought that our colleague’s wife wanted to take revenge on her own husband. That’s why we all suffered this 16km tour. To be exact, I’m not sure how many kilometres we had walk, but it seems forever.

Day trip at Saxon National Park with guided tour

As we walk further, we came to Bastei Bridge at Saxon Switzerland National Park with an amazing panoramic views over the mighty Elbe River. 

After crossing the bridge, we walked all the way.. Passing through the beautiful forest. It literally looks like desktop wallpaper image. 

After the long walk and our lunch, finally we came to a soothing boat ride through the Kamenice River Gorge, this was included in the tour package. It was a safe and steady ride through the sandstone canyon and explore the pretty town of Hrensko.

At the end of the boat ride, there was a surprise man made waterfall. After alighting from the boat, we continued our hiking. Here we are finally seeing the most amazing sandstone arch. 

Pravcicka Brana -Pravcicka Gate

This was another view from the opposite side. 

After the whole tour, we walked down the exact same route again! I have never walk so much in one entire day before! Finally we ended the tour and the tour bus fetched all of us back to the castle hotel.

The following day we went out and searched for a chill and relax restaurant to watch the World Cup Final. Our legs and thighs were super sore! I was wearing my slippers which was the one and only pair that I bought for this trip. Another shoes I brought along was a pair of boots. I could not possibly wear that out with my aching feet. All of us were dragging our feet while walking. It was hilarious! 

Last but not least my broken shoes

I had no choice but to use plaster try to stick the sole together. Haha.. In the end I left this pair of shoes in the castle hotel rubbish bin. 

Ok! This is the end of part 2 of my trip. I will post the last part of my Germany holiday next week. Have a happy week ahead guys!


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