Everyone loves to travel! Getting away from the hectic lifestyle to recharge yourself has become a norm for the society now.

Well, I just got back from Berlin for my AIA convention not long ago. Indeed, it was a good getaway for me. The itinerary was well planned by my colleague’s wife. She always does a good job for every trip! Of course, I’m more than willing to share the itinerary. 

We fly into Munich and self drive up to different parts of Germany including Metzingen, Bacharach, The Old town of Dresden, Berlin. Oh not forgetting, I also went to Czech Republic conquering the 10km uphill hiking. Well I guess pictures say a thousand words. 

The view from my hotel and sorry I forgot the name of the hotel. 

Picture first before heading out for shopping

Next destination Bacharach! And we stayed at Hotel am Markt.

This hotel is like a boutique hotel. Each room has their own unique furniture and layout. My colleague and his wife got a jacuzzi in their room!

After putting down our luggage, we went out for lunch and walk around this town.

This is a MUST to visit when you come to Bacharach! Take the river cruise and visit Burg Stahleck, a 12th-century fortification castle, enjoys a picturesque location among the vineyards on a high ridge and looks down at the Lorelei Valley and the quaint town of Bacharach.

Here is the view after a 15 to 20 mins walk through the vineyards and up the castle. These pictures were taken by my phone camera. 

We went for the river cruise on the next day and took some photos while waiting for the cruise

During the cruise, we were introduced to different hilltop castles that were build in those days

OK, I shall go and grab my lunch for now and will blog my trip in Germany Part 2 next week.. 

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