can iSteaks to you? mooooo yessss

Great crowds, prices & food. Totally enjoyable!

I’m astonished by the crowd at iSteaks Diner Holland Village when I was passing by during a non meal period. Curiosity got me and I decided to dine with them. I’m glad I did.

iSteaks Diner started as a humble stall in a coffeeshop selling western grills. Business bloomed and they seized the opportunity to expand. They are now located at Holland Village & Serangoon Gardens MyVillage in a well ventilated & air conditioned restaurant.

The interior radiates casual vibe

The ambiance here is of functional simplicity since they focus on self-service concept. Diners will pick, order and make payment of the meal at the main counter and purchase beverages at the another. Thereafter, proceed to make collection of the utensils and get themselves a table. Orders will be served so diners can sit back to relax and wait for the yummies.

The yummy spread 

Get huge portion western grills where each main is accompanied by 2 sides. Good grill selections such as chicken, pork, lamb, fish and beef are being offered while burgers, bites & pastas are being served too.

Interestingly, they have introduced dry aged beef to their menu recently with australian angus 200 days grain-fed striploin & age it for a good 45+ days.

How different does this taste from your normal beef? I had mine at medium rare and it was really excellent! The dry aged beef is more tender than the normal one, with intense beef flavor. Smell of it is almost buttery with slight toasty aftertaste. Every single cut of it flows flavorful au jus.

A full portion 300gm dry aged beef with 2 complements is available at $51 nett. You can also find striploin, tenderloin, ribeye and even porterhouse (starting from $17.50 to $49 nett).

The menu

The complements for the main are of generous serving and pretty delicious too. My favorites among them are the creamy spinach, onion rings & sautéed brussels.

Although iSteaks Diner majors in their steaks, other meats are also well received since they are tasty, substantial and low in prices.

I’ll be back for more of their grills and this could probably be the reason why many patrons are returning customers.


iSteaks Diner @ Holland Village
17A Lor Liput
Singapore 277731
Opening hours:
sun-thu & ph: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
fri, sat & eve of ph: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
+65 6463 3165

iSteaks @ 1 Maju Avenue
#02-03/06 myVillage at Serangoon Garden
Singapore 556679
Opening hours:
sun-thu & ph: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm fri, sat & eve of ph: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
+65 62858839

A very fairytale place at Hans Im Glück

It is almost magical so be amazed!

Donning with the concept of German fairytale’s Hans in Luck, I instantly felt like a magic elf dining in the woods that are full with birch trees imported specifically to Hans Im Glück

Their beautiful interiors 

hans in gluck

hans in gluck

hans in gluck

hans in gluck

Stay refresh with their healthy take on burgers that come in beef, chicken, vegetarian & even vegan! They also have monthly special or festive items on the menu. Good range of beverages including cocktails and beers are available too.

The food spread

hans in gluck

hans in gluck

hans in gluck

hans in gluck

hans in gluck

hans in gluck

The food at Hans Im Glück are mainly healthier & lighter on the palate; especially good if you love to savour the natural goodness of the fresh ingredients. a really pretty place with lotsa happy ions because of the plants surrounding.

It is generally pricier at here compared to other burger places (sides starts at $6, burger (a la carte starts at $14 and a soft drink starts at $5) but still very much worth my visit for its refreshing options that they offer in particularly their grilled chicken breast burger that is surprisingly succulent and Hornträgen burger, a good vegan option with walnut patty, fig jam and feta cheese.

Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill
362 Orchard Road
Singapore 238887
Daily 11:00 - 00:00

Science on Skin (SOS) to your skin now!

This is everything you need in a day.
What if you can combine your sunscreen with whitening cream, in a form of pill, will you? I definitely will as this is so convenient!


Science on Skin (SOS) did it. It says to be a clinically proven all-in-one oral supplement that gives benefits such as sun blocking, skin whitening, brightening & increasing in skin elasticity. A breakthrough in skincare technology & manufactured in USA. Certified by US FDA. In a single 750mg capsule, UV Porcelain+ gives you all the benefits:
✅ Skin whitening & brightening
✅ Fernblock® for protection against UV rays & reduced sun sensitivity
✅ Collagen for increased skin elasticity and reduced fine lines

With active ingredients encapsulated in quality capsules to ensure proper transportation of valuable ingredients to the stomach prior to absorption by the body. My beauty regime is now simplified into a single capsule daily. Easy peasy!


I feel that SOS has set a new benchmark for oral skin supplements with its dual action formulation that protects your skin from darkening while simultaneously working to whiten your skin with the revolutionary UV PORCELAIN+.

This all-in-one oral supplement comprises Alpha-PorcelainTM, L-Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Collagen peptides. Also enhanced with Fernblock®, for an effective protection against UV rays and sun-related effects, whitening and brightening of the skin, and an increase of overall skin elasticity.

Glutathione is a tripeptide which contains L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid and L-glycine. Abundant levels of cysteine lowers overall melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase and changing the metabolic pathway of melanin from synthesising dark pigmented melanin to creating light-pigmented melanin. In UV PORCELAIN+, the L-Glutathione active contained within is exclusive to SOS and is manufactured through a proprietary fermentation process.

Vitamin C is clinically proven to promote skin brightening and protect against sun damage. Though Vitamin C does not have a direct effect on skin whitening, an optimal inclusion of it acts as a catalyst to enhance the effects of ingredients that promote whitening.

Oral consumption of quality Collagen peptides improves the hallmarks of skin aging (stimulates collagen and elastin product), leads to a significant reduction of wrinkle depth, promotes skin elasticity and hydration.


one month before taking SOS UV PORCELAIN+


one month after taking SOS UV PORCELAIN+

Fernblock® is a nutriceutical with photoprotective properties and potential preventive agent for skin photoaging and photo-induced skin cancers. Also known as Polypodium Leucotomos, it protects the skin from oxidative damage caused by sun exposure, and can reduce sun sensitivity in people with polymorphous light eruption. Fernblock® protects against UV-induced skin damage, and leads to a significant decrease of UV-induced redness and sunburn cell formation.


(scars on ankle) one month before taking SOS UV PORCELAIN+


(scars on ankle) one month after taking SOS UV PORCELAIN+

There exist common debates on whether skin supplements can be effective when taken orally because enzymes in the stomach break down the efficacious actives before they can ever reach the bloodstream and become useful. UV PORCELAIN+ adopts an encapsulation product strategy, whereby the actives are encapsulated in quality modified-release capsules under strict control of the USFDA, allowing for the proper transport of valuable ingredients through the stomach (without dissolution) prior to being absorbed by the body.
Potent active ingredients which serve different functions may weaken in individual effectiveness when mixed into a single formulation. Alpha-Porcelain, a proprietary ingredient to SOS, is the unique catalyst that synergizes these ingredients to work together, yet retain their individual strengths to penetrate into the body for maximum results.

Each box contains 30 capsules hygienically packaged in individual blisters and is recommended to be consumed once a day on an empty stomach and 30 minutes before sun exposure. UV PORCELAIN+ is priced at S$149.00 and stocked in major clinics, dermatologists and aesthetic practices countrywide.

I love how my daily beauty regime can be simplified and love to be beautiful, fair and radiant complexion.

Summary on the benifits of SOS UV PORCELAIN+
 • Lightening of scars and freckles, resulting in an overall more balanced skin tone
 • Provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection against sun damage
 • Optimize skin radiance and glow
 • Improve skin texture, moisture and elasticity
 • Firm skin and promote the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles