Brand New Party Experience with PartyDiva.Co!

Celebrations can start from homes and we will find ways to create new memories with our love ones for all our special occasions.

party diva!

2020 is EPIC. We lived half a year like a lifetime and get the longest weekends that we always wanted. Since COVID 19 hit us, the virus has morphed into a globally pandemic that has changed the way we live and interact with one another.

We now face new norms of socializing and this makes me cherish the company of my loved ones even more. Celebrations should start from our safer home and from there, we can begin to find ways to create new memories for all our special occasions.

With National Day coming this 9 August, how would you spend this special day with your loved ones? The National Day Parade (NDP) is gonna focus on Singaporeans celebrating in our homes, instead of the floating platform at Marina Bay.

That said, I’m officially a party planner for my family! And I need to find a variety of National Day themed products to make my celebration a truly memorable one!

PartyDiva.Co,, a collaborative e-commerce & marketplace for Gifting, Events and Party Planning came into my rescue! It is an e-commerce marketplace that brings merchants & consumers together all in one place for a seamless party planning experience.

This National Day, besides retailing their own thematic decorative, PartyDiva.Co also pulled together a roster of thematic offerings curated by some of our favorite homegrown brands! With them, I get to support local brands while feasting my tummy & eyes on their limited edition offerings.

Just a few clicks online & what I wanted got delivered to my doorstep! I love this truly Singapore experience!

Check out what I have selected from PartyDiva.Co for my National Day Celebration with my family!

1) AMICI Catering

Celebration always involves food, and this is especially true for Singaporeans since eating good food is our national hobby! AMICI Catering, a homegrown boutique caterer, offers this mini gourmet 5-course National Day Buffet ($108+) that let me pick my preferred dish for each course. This set can feed up to 7 people.

party diva!

Check out their exclusive National Day menu offerings of up to 15 different dishes for selection – I had a hard time deciding myself. The specially designed menu is a hearty East-meets-West fusion repertoire that tastes just as good as it sounds!

The mini buffet came in microwaveable boxes, with plates, utensils, serviettes & plastic table cloth too. All of these are placed neatly in a heat insulated bag to keep the food warm while I prepare and doll up for my celebratory meal.

party diva!

I always relish a freshly made gourmet meal and I simply adored what I have chosen here. The Garlic Fried Rice with Chicken Floss & Spring Onion, Oven-baked Cajun Style Basa Fish with Peppers and Mixed Vegetables Cutlets are so delicious!

party diva!

This National Day Set comes with a complimentary 6” Raspberry Lychee Rose Cake too, concluding the meal on a sweet note. Nice one!

And if you think a complimentary cake doesn’t taste good, you are wrong. This cake from AMICI Catering is fantastic! Moist, soft and fluffy – every mouthful is decked with juicy lychee & perfumed with a delicate rose fragrance, super delish!

2) Nasi Lemak Indulgence

Greedy me saw this & I know I must have it! National Day MUST HAVE a national dish for celebration right? YES! OMG this limited edition savory 8-inch Nasi Lemak Cake ($132) from Nasi Lemak Indulgence is the bomb! Taking a leaf from grandma’s old recipe book, Nasi Lemak Indulgence re-created the traditional Nasi Lemak with their very own twist.

One bite of the ‘cake’ packs the burst of the combinative flavors that makes the Nasi Lemak a true Singaporean favorite. I 10000% recommend you to get this if you are a true nasi lemak lover with a taste of nostalgia & want to impress your love ones!

party diva!

This beautiful cake is here to tantalize our tastebuds while representing our ethnic groups with the variety of specially selected ingredients.

The seasoned sambal topped with Goreng Tempeh, anchovies peanuts in Kicap Manis is meant as a symbolic gesture towards the Malay in Singapore. Likewise, the Papadum is a nod to our Indian community, accompanied with Fried Shrimp Paste Chicken and Blue Pea Rice as a token for the Chinese & Peranakan in Singapore.

Artfully pieced together as one, the cake presents itself as a representation of celebration, not just for good food and great times, but for the diversity that makes Singapore such a special place for us. From meaning to flavor, this has got everything I want in a satisfying nasi lemak meal – now I can have my cake and eat it!

Cut this up like a cake and served! It is pretty easy to cut but difficult for me because I felt really bad ‘destroying’ it.

I reckon this cake can cut up to 10 big slices though there are only 8 chicken wings. Even without the chicken wings, rest assured it will still be highly satisfying for everyone.

Nasi Lemak Indulgence freshly makes their cakes and the cake was warm when it arrived at my place. The thick layers of eggy omelette, chunky otah and yummy blue pea coconut rice go so well together with the sweet & spicy sambal to add a touch of tang to the symphony of flavorsEven the cucumber slices by the side taste so good! The bottle of papadum that comes with the cake adds crunch to the cake too.

3) Kueh Ho Jiak

party diva!

National Day celebration also means having heritage food right? My family loves nonya kueh and decided to get the award winning Kueh Ho Jiak for snacks.

Kueh Ho Jiak is famous for their varying rendition of traditional kuehs with aesthetics that go in line for any festive celebration or trend – all without the use of artificial colorings.

Their handmade kuehs are also popular because they can be customized to suit different occasions & celebrations. Look at these beautifully designed ones for their National Day Celebratory Platter ($37.50) here, so pretty & patriotic right?

party diva!

This platter has red & white kuehs representing the Singapore flag6 mini png kuehs (rice cake), 5 kueh lapis and 4 Merlion ang ku kuehs (with grated coconut fillings) plated beautifully on fragrant pandan leaves. All of these are also vegan with no eggs used.

4) Three Wisemen

party diva!

By now, most people know I love my alcohol and a celebration is not considered as one unless it comes with it. Three Wisemen tops this off with a really yummy NDP-themed cocktail, the Nana Sling! ($90, set of 5 x 120ml bottles).

party diva!

Nana Sling is a seasonal Summer cocktail that requires 5 days to make. An unmistakably tropical concoction, this drink is a heady mix of lemon juice, homemade blossom water, pomegranate syrup and Brugal Rum infused with banana leaves, all combined with the intense orange flavour from shots of Cointreau. Cheers with the cute bottles!

5) Pétale Tea

party diva!

What about my non alcoholic family members? Of course they are also my priority and I prepared limited-edition blooming tea from Pétale Tea for them!

party diva!

As Singapore’s No.1 blooming tea expert, this National Day gift set ($65), includes their limited-edition tea “My Fair Lady”, 5 best-selling tea flavours and 2 tea glasses to complete the set! The tea glasses are really perfect for us to admire at the tea bloom before enjoying it – a complete sensory experience!

Beautiful blooming teas with tantalizing flavors & many health benefits. This drinkable art-in-the-glass is ready in just 5 to 10 mins!

6) PartyDiva.Co

party diva!

A party with no decorations is no party at all! I elevated the ambiance & presentation of my sumptuous spread with PartyDiva.Co’s limited edition National Day themed bundle ($100), featuring their very own customized bunting, cupcake stand, cake and food toppers that feature Singapore icons such as the Merlion & Gardens by the Bay, as well as local slangs such as “Relax Lah” and “Shiok Ah”!

PartyDiva.Co also has a virtual photo booth (VBooth) whereby we can take thematic photos, decorated them and share with everyone! All we have to do is to click on the link below:

Playing around with the stickers has never been this fun and easy!

All the vendors I have chosen are homegrown brands, which makes #SupportLocal especially meaningful during this National Day.

So what are you waiting for! It is time to start planning & make your celebration a truly unforgettable one. Get PartyDiva.Co to put together a tasteful event like mine! This one-stop platform is really convenient & cost effective, you’re gonna love itPartyDiva.Co is my partner for celebrations and I’m looking forward to more parties and festivities with them already!


Staycation at newly renovated “East meets West”- inspired Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore

“We Clean. We Care. We Welcome” – Play tourist & discover Copthorne King Singapore with this promotion like never before!

While it is best to stay at the comfort of our own home, this should not stop us from experiencing a delightful staycation in Singapore! – especially when there is a call for celebration, when your overseas travel plan got affected by Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), or when you need a getaway from the hectic lifestyle. Check out the rooms at

Continue reading Staycation at newly renovated “East meets West”- inspired Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore

Experience Malaysia Genting Highlands with a whole new perspective, 3D2N of FUN!

If you think Malaysia Genting Highlands is boring, time to visit and re-evaluate!

Many Singaporeans will plan to visit neighboring countries instead of Genting Highlands for a getaway. However, I begged to differ, especially when Genting is really accessible, lower in expenses because of the difference in our currencies, cooler than Singapore’s weather and the many brilliant attractions added to this leading entertainment hub.

To reach Genting Highlands, you can self drive, take a direct coach from Singapore, or fly to Kuala Lumpur and take a coach from there. In my opinion, the easiest route will definitely be taking the direct coach ride that is around 7 hours.


Day One

Transtar Travel is a reputable transport provider and has several types of buses. The one I took is a 20 seaters SuperstarZ with plushy seats and good legroom. A one way trip normally starts from SGD$60, depending on the demand.

There are several pick up points for the ride where you will choose prior booking. Typically, the journey will starts from their headquarter at Golden Mile Tower and ends at First World or Genting Resort Hotel. This transfer usually includes Travel Personal Accident Insurance coverage of up to SGD25,000 that expires at the end of coach trip.

Each comfortable seat comes with a seat belt and Individual Personal Entertainment System. There will be onboard Cabin Crew to take care of you throughout the trip. I was given a fleece blanket to keep warm & bottled water to keep hydrate. The power point by the side of each seat is so useful to charge my gadgets for longer uses.

On yes! Delicious light meals and beverages will be served! The one I had was Nasi Lemak from Killney, super yummy! I love Nasi Lemak so so much. ❤️

There will be at least 2 pit stop throughout the journey for commuters to take toilet breaks or getting some drinks and bites. So relax and enjoy this lovely coach ride!


The journey started around 6:45am and reached First World Hotel at 1:30pm via Tuas Checkpoint. All the hotels in Genting were fully booked, with some available ones at Theme Park Hotel and Awana Genting, super good business!

Theme Park Hotel is located at the doorsteps of Arena of Stars (where shows and concerts are held), with a some walking distance from the major attractions and eats at Genting Sky Avenue. The official check in time for the hotel is 3pm.

There are 4 room types with ‘King’ being good for 2 adults. This newly revamped hotel has rooms that resemble a boutique hotel’s, especially with its quirky and playful decors, kind of cute!

The room number is ‘written’ on the ground, outside each room. Totally quirky again!

The room stay at here does not come with breakfast option but not an issue since there are plenty of food choices in Genting Highlands (around 70 outlets). Eatopia, a selfserviced grabandgo outlet located at the lobby of Theme Park Hotel offers bakery items, nasi lemak, pasta, wraps, oats, hot and cold beverages.


With the success of London’s Burger & Lobster in Genting, here came another promising one. Opened on 31 Jan 19, The Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden is a new restaurant concept from the world famous icon for fish & chips. I’m going to try the food at here for lunch.

Located at Sky Avenue level 4, The Laughing Fish is alongside an alfresco World Famous Fish & Chips takeaway counter. The facade of the restaurant mimicked an old English Pub, very casual and lovely to dine in.

The Laughing Fish serves dishes mainly on seafood, with focus on Cod & Haddock, and some chicken or beef options. Desserts and alcohols such as beers, wines and cocktails are available too.

Their signature World Famous Fish & Chips comes with a huge and thick slab of fish, (cod or haddock) coated with fresh batter made from Harry’s secret recipe, deep fried, served with a side (gravy, mushy peas or curry sauce) and doublecooked chips.


Available in 3 sizes with the largest Legendary in my pictures and video. Haddock is having higher number of votes for its flavorful and firmer texture, in comparison to the lighter & delicate Cod.

Get yourself a Cod Burger, plenty of fried calamari and a Baked English Brie to pimp your meal! The citrusy thirst quencher Laughing Fish Signature Lemonade can double up as a palate cleanser as it aids in reducing the oiliness we had from the food.

For a sharing dessert, try the indulgently huge Super Sundae that comes with plenty of vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, brownies chunks, strawberries sauce and whipped cream. Else go for the lighter Eton Mess, filled with strawberries, crushed meringue, whipped cream, shredded basil and lime. This is surprisingly light on the palate and I like it.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

After the sumptuous lunch, it is all about having fun! I’m very excited to try gaming in virtual reality, which is a relatively new experience to me.

The VOID is located at First World Plaza level 1, where the new Skytropolis Funland is. This new attraction offers a virtual gaming experience that is fully immersive, location-based and hyper-real! The VOID uses latest technology that will use all our 5 senses while gaming. Our imagination and reality got blended seamlessly into one, so surreal!

The VOID is similar to a laser tag game where we geared up and fought as a team, but with additional satisfaction since you will feel being in the game. There are 4 different games and the ones I had are the STAR WARSTM: Secrets of the Empire and Ghostbusters.

Imagining traveling to the molten planet of Mustafar as a Stormtrooper to blast giant lava monsters, or ghost busting at the New York apartment that was haunted by many creepy apparitions? These are the funnest games I have ever played! The other 2 games are Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment and Ralph Breaks VR.


Right outside The VOID, is Skytropolis Funland (First World Plaza level 1), a newly built indoor theme park that housed fun rides for both adults and children.

The skyline is paved with LED ceiling that is ever changing. It can be a milky galaxy for a moment, and a blue skied forest next. So charming! This funland has more than 20 rides where you can pay as you ride or getting a pass for unlimited plays.

There are several food and beverage stalls across the funland with Think Pink (sweet delights that are pink and dainty) and Durian Delights (durian-flavored desserts for diehard fans) catching my attention.



Spin Crazy 疯转轮 and Disco-i 飞旋陀螺 are two popular rides at the theme park. I watched and concluded that most people seek thrills for adrenaline rush when it comes to having fun in an amusement park.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Dinner was at the award winning High Line Roof Top Market, located at the same stretch where The Laughing Fish is (Sky Avenue level 4 T2C-18-23). The space is trendy with designs using plenty of wood and art installations and having live band performances on weekends.

Enjoy the chillaxing vibe with the indoor seatings or the lovely alfresco dining where you breathe in plenty of chilled fresh air of the highlands.


This outlet has 7 options consisting of High Line Fish Market (catch of the day, done your way), Burgers & Shots (artisan brioche burgers), Carnivore Corner (grilled meat, sandwiches and toasties), Jon Bing (savory crepes), Asian Heroes (asian inspired creations), Brooklyn Brewery (ale and lager), and Back in Time (cocktail bar). Mix and match your selections to enjoy with your family & friends, the communal way!

My favorite for the night is the Nasi Lemak with Rendang Lobster from Asian Heroes. 😋 The fluffy rice is coconutty fragrant, totally awesome with the sweet and spicy sambal. The grilled rendang lobster is very fresh and succulent too. I love Nasi Lemak done this way. Yum Yum! ❤️


On my way back to Theme Park Hotel, I chanced upon this amazing store called Hilltop Grocer, (Sky Avenue level 1 T2-56) which is a paradise for snacks lovers! There are 3 sections in the store that includes a grocer shopping mart, a Food-To-Go counter and a dine-in Food Hall, catering to different needs.

Get freshly brewed beverages, gourmet sandwiches, pastas, sushi and flavourful local favorites at the FoodToGo counter. Select, pay and go, pretty simple and fuss free.

The Food Hall serves substantial hot meals in comfortable dine in setting. I even saw someone buying Mao Shan Wang Durians and ate them there. So cool!

The grocer shopping mart sells fresh produces, meats and wines, but my eyes are all on the many snacks! Malaysia’s traditional pastries, biscuits, chewy mochi, sweet chocolate and tasty salted egg fish skin! The list goes on and on. 🤣 The prices are considerably cheap and seriously my great place to shop!


Day Two

Waking up to a new day, with many exciting activities ahead. I wasn’t feeling at my best because of the fever, bad coughing, sore throat and flu. It is a complete package that I got rewarded from CNY feasting, maybe? But the fun I had yesterday keeps me going and looking forward to more explorations in Genting Highlands.

A really big, fluffy, white cloud. ☁️ Don’t you think it looks amazingly delicious? Like something good to chew at.


First challenge of the day: Eagle Landing Zipline by Ripley’s Adventureland at Sky Avenue level 4. When I know about this, I got shaken with hesitation to proceed.

Looking down from the 4th level, this activity looks shitty & dangerous. With my sickness, I perspired profusely despite of the cool weather in Genting. And with THIS, my sweat turned COLD! The guys in my group were also in hesitation! 🤣

This girl gave me courage. Her name is Elaine and she is also really afraid of this. But because we are here for a work purpose, we decided to give this a try while supporting one another.

Gearing up in progress and do note that wearing of skirt is NOT ALLOWED but because I’m on a mission….. so whahahaha. Anyway also nothing much to watch because I think I ‘kiaped’ tucked my skirt tightly with the harness and fat thighs. 🤣

Hooked on and walking to the ‘execution platform’.

I stood at the point before zipping, blaming myself for acting brave. I seriously feel like peeing in my skirt when I looked down from the edge of the platform. Helpppppppp!

There is no turning back. I can only say “god please help me” deep in my heart, with eyes shut tight. Amen. 🙏🏻


And here we go, wheeeeeee!

To be frank, this zipline worth playing and not as scary as what I presumed. The thrill element is there but reduced a little since you must ‘sit’ to set the legs free, for the gaming assistant to give you a push simultaneously. I might be unable to complete this challenge if I need jump off this platform myself!

Okay lah, SMILE!


If going to those scary Halloween Nights is your favorite thing to do, prep yourself for a simulation of zombie apocalypse at Zombie Outbreak (Sky Avenue level 4, T2C-B16, Big Box) alongside Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium (T2CB13), The Jurassic Research Centre (T2C-B15), and 4D Trick Art Museum (T2C-B08).

Funny not funny! The zombies are lurking in the deserted house. With the objective to freeze your blood, prepare to see all the scariest you could think of. I think the safest place will be outside the house because once you enter, “god please help me” 🙏🏻

We cannot run or hide but to struggle from room to room, in a seemed to be longer-than-usual kind of maze. The entire walk is in a dimly lit setting but don’t you worry, because you will definitely be pounced by the hungry zombies at many points, guaranteed.

The exteriors of the Zombie Outbreak wanted to scream danger but to many of us, it screams Instagram Worthy Spots. Have fun in photo taking before entering to an unforgettable and terrifying experience!


Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium, as the name suggests, is all about wacky, weird and interesting facts around the world.

Whether you are feeling casual or seeking for fun explorations, Ripley’s might do the job well. Most of us would spend an hour or two on the range of exhibits, that are made from common objects but uncommon concepts! This interactive work of arts is informative, and exhibited invitingly in a spacious gallery setting.

Lawyer Maria Jose Christerna from Mexico is well known as The Vampire Woman. Inked from head to toes, she also has fangs, a forked tongue, tons of piercings and titanium implants to give her an appearance that is out-of-the-world. Believe it or not?!

Visit with an open heart and have fun discovering those facts!


Take a step to 65 million years ago, where the land is ruled by the dinosaurs. This is an ultimate showcase at Jurassic Research Center.

A good educational place with fun interactions, get up close with the dinosaurs to feel their skin and hear them roar!


Don’t be alarmed when you spot some moving ones and the gigantic Tyrannosaurus-rex around the corner!

Examine the dinosaurs’ fossils & skeletons, the precious remains packed with informative DNA. This is how we learn about them before destructions.


Want to feel the Velociraptors thrashing you in a virtual laboratory? Visit one at here with experience that is quite sureal. Jurassic Research Center has really awesome information and artworks on everything dinosaurs, so check them out to feel the amazement!


4D Trick Art Museum is an optical illusion gallery where we acted accordingly to the murals and getting photographs taken from designated perspectives for optical illusion effects.

The museum has murals artwork painted by artists where every pieces are Instagram worthy. Strike your best pose and create the fun memories to keep for lives.


All of the mentioned attractions are located in Ripley’s Adventureland at Sky Avenue Big Box level 4.

There are many other entertainments & small games to keep you occupied all day long. Plenty of seats with tables are available for resting or refueling yourself before the next fun.

If you are keen to play at more attractions, please get their combo ticket as it saves you some money.


Wellness spa Healing Touch is located at this area too and has services such as body massage, foot reflexology, fish spa, etc.

Part of their service menu where I find that the prices are really affordable.

I took up their special promotion package at RM258 for 90 mins of body massage with complimentary of 30 mins foot massage and 15 mins foot scrub. Eye pillow and heat pack treatment will also be added alongside body massage.

The overall experience is pretty good. From the pre soaking and cleaning of feet, to the therapeutic foot and body massage, and the hot red dates longan tea I had after the session. My tired self got rejuvenated and this is great for self pampering. The spa opens daily from 10am to 12am and you are encouraged to call them at +601 2233 7525 in advance for appointment.


Genting Highlands is not only about posh and famous restaurants. They have plenty of varieties including food court.

My lunch was at Medan Selera (Sky Avenue level G), a halal dining place. You can get a variety of the favorites, all at affordable prices. The food court is spacious and well equipped with plenty of seats.

There are five stalls and a self service station for salad, fruits and drinks. Everything will be ordered at the stall but pay at the cashier counter, before entering to the dining area.

The diverse selection of rice dishes, noodles and snacks are inspired by the Western, Asian and MiddleEastern cooking.

Crispy curry puffs and assortment of delicious kuih (traditional cakes) are great to pick up as on-the-go eats.

Medan Selera has valueformoney Breakfast Sets and starts operating from 9am daily. Popular options include Nasi Lemak, Fried Noodles, Roti John, Tandoori Chicken Curry and more.


There are many local and international brands at Genting Highlands to shop but you should really check out the latest Genting Highlands Premium Outlets too. This huge complex is 10 mins away from Sky Avenue Resort World Genting via Awana Skyway, which is located at Sky Avenue level 4.

Taking a gondola give us opportunity to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the surroundings. For a unique and spectacular experience, go for the glassflooring ones (only 10 of it, exclusively).

It costs double in price than the standard gondola, but definitely worthy as you get to enjoy a more breathtaking view of the beautiful rain forest and breathe crisps mountain air along the way.


There are 3 stations in total, namely Sky Avenue, Chin Swee and Awana. Disembark at Chin Swee station to explore the scenic surroundings around Chin Swee Caves Temple. Ride on and you will reach Awana Station, where the Premium Outlets are.

Every gondola has USB ports for charging of our electronic devices. The specially designed windows and louvers cleverly allow more air into the gondolas for better ventilation. You can have a cabinsized luggage along so that taking the gondola after the shopping spree will not be a problem.


Genting Highlands Premium Outlets is the second Premium Outlet in Malaysia, after the one in Johor, which opened in 2017. This shoppers’ heaven features 150 designer and local brands, including Adidas, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sembonia, Coach and more.

There is also a food street with outlets such as Chicken Rice Shop, Starbucks, Wendy’s, Baskin Robbins and more. Genting Highlands Premium Outlets (10am to 10pm daily) is a great place to venture especially when you are into quality high fashion with good shopping deals and promotions.


Authentic Neapolitan pizzas at Motorino (Sky Avenue level 1) can gives satisfaction and is quite a popular family restaurant. This pizza place is hailed as the best authentic Neapolitan Italian pizza in New York by New York Times food writers.

Owned and operated by Belgian-Italian born Chef Mathieu Palombino, Motorino has multiple outlets in New York, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, and in Genting Malaysia. The decor of Motorino Genting oozes charm of old American grocer, very pretty.


Take a whiff at the freshly baked pizza by the skillful chefs! Using wood-fired oven imported from Italy does make a difference. The style of Neapolitan pizza is to have fresh basic dough, simple toppings, more sauce than cheese, and no ingredients should overwhelm one another.

The chicken meatballs in tomato sauce is an appetizing antipasti starter. Pastas are great but paler in comparison to the pizzas. The pizza crust is tender, chewy, with good smokiness, and goes tastily with savory beef pepperoni, cheeses, tomato sauce and fresh chilies. I also like to drizzle chili oil & flakes over the slices to give them spicier punch.

Check out Motorino if you need pizza when you are in Genting Highlands!


Let’s go for a movie! Bona Cinemas is a retro-cum-urban theatre located at Sky Avenue level 1 Lot T2-03A with six halls in total. All the halls screen latest movies and are equipped with Dolby Atmos sound system for maximum cinematic immersion.

Enjoy the enhanced movie experience with IMAX (gold standard in image resolution and motion picture immersion) or Gold Class with DBox seats, that is the first in Malaysia!

I went for the Gold Class with DBOX seats, watching Alita in the hall that sits up to 48 audiences.

The luxurious Gold Class VIP seats got ultra dynamic with the DBOX technology! Each seat is equipped with D-BOX patented motion system (four levels of intensity control) that could swivels and tilts to bring us into the thick of actions, truly immersive!

I highly recommending you to give DBOX a try if you love watching movies and have time to catch an afternoon matinee or midnight show.


What is a leading entertainment hub without thriving nightlife scenes? Everything got so vibrant at Sky Avenue level G with the addition of Zouk Genting!


At level G, you will find 5 fun loving concepts:

Redtail Karaoke (T109) – Sing & unleash your inner diva at this private and beautiful Karaoke lounge. The rooms are uniquely themed and could fit groups of up to 20 people. Opens daily from 5pm to 3am.

Redtail by Zouk (T1-10) Play at Social gaming lounge with engaging beer pong, retro arcade games, Xbox games, Jenga, air hockey and more. Opens daily from 5pm to 3am.

Zouk Club (T1-08A) – Dance & party the night away at this trendy club featuring top music performances from around the world. Opens only on Fri & Sat, from 11pm to 3am.

Empire (T1-08B) – Sway to Hip Hop beats at this urban lifestyle boutique nightclub. Opens on Wed to Sat, from 11pm to 3am.

FUHU (T1-07)Eat at “Zouk vibe” concept restaurant. FuHu is newly opened and I have not try on this. Will be checking this out if I’m back to Genting Highlands.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Day Three

Coach ride to Singapore is scheduled at 2:30pm, and so the best way to spend time before heading home is to have more shopping and eating! 😋



Chanced upon the first Pikachu Parade in Malaysia when I was at Sky Avenue. This is a special arrangement made in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration. Although the parade ended on 28 Feb 19, Genting Highlands will have more exciting lineups all year round. Make sure you can check out their Facebook, Instagram and website for updates prior to your stay.



Sky Symphony is a hourly, free-to-public performance taking stage at the main atrium of Sky Avenue.

This vibrant, extraordinary orchestra showcases audio, visual and motion graphics programming being used amazingly and have liven up the atmosphere instantaneously. Kids and adults are loving this!


Breakfast was at 云海 Wanhoi Yamcha with friends. It is located at (Sky Avenue level 1, T2-7&8&9) along the stretch that leads to Burger and Lobster.


Instagram worthy food will get businesses most of the time. 🤣

Their food tasted alright, with deep fried mee sua vermicelli kueh and spicy wanton dumplings as my favorites. Their dim sum pastries are definitely adorable with flavors such as 奶油包 (milk custard filling bun, shaped as a caterpillar), 凤凰酥 (lotus paste butter pastry with salted egg yolk, shaped as a bird) and 老鼠爱大米 (glutinous rice balls with pandan filling, shaped as a mouse). The have many other selections including rice, noodles and a la carte dishes such as sweet sour pork. Service standard at here is of average and definitely can be improved.


My mandatory eat in Genting Highlands is Gindaco (diagonally opposite to Wanhoi Yamcha, Sky Avenue level 1 T2-18) which sells Japanese ball-shaped snack Takoyaki.


Takoyaki is made from wheat flour batter encasing octopus chunks, preserved ginger, and accompanied with topping such as bonito flakes (original), japanese leek (negi), prawns (ebimayo), egg (teritama), and cheese and fish roes (cheese mentaiko).

You can have the balls hot at the standing dine-in area or have them as takeaway.


Aside from the shoppings, my last stop for the trip is for sweets and coffee at Tokyo Secret.

Tokyo Secret has a café (Sky Avenue level 2 T2A-39) that sells cheese tarts, waffles, pancakes, cakes, hot menu items along with beverages. With this, they have closed the kiosk at level 1 which focused on selling their cheese tarts.

Yummy treats! 😋

The crepe cake slices are light and tasty, but my favorite goes to the ‘Tiffany Dream’ mousse cake. This is a cake slice with pretty pastel layers and in tantalizing asian flavors such as sweet potato, yam, pandan and coconut. Highly recommended!


My buys from Muse by Watsons (Sky Avenue level 3, T2B27). 🤣 I’m pretty sick prior to the trip and needed all these dearly when my medications ran out. Genting Highlands is a wonderful place and I have no regrets to make my way here and have fun!


Resorts World Genting Highlands