Love the LLLT (Low Level Laser Treatment) with Omega Light at Asian Skin Solutions!

I want to be the kind of beauty that shines with the brightest skin, even on the darkest night.

Although we know beauty lies skin deep, but we do want to look & feel good at all times because humans are visual animals and naturally attracted to pleasantness. Giving our skin priority & extra care often reward us with happiness & the reflection of gorgeous skin in everyone’s eyes.

I enjoyed having my facials in beauty salons because my skin always feel good & glowing after it. I also strongly believe that oil, dirt & makeup products will remain in some of my pores even when I do double cleansing on my face twice daily.

As an Asian, we have a different set of skin problems from other ethnicity groups. Our skin tends to lose moisture easily because of its thinness & the dehydrated skin will be prone to more serious issues such as sensitive skin, allergies, & environmental aggressors. Asian skin also has issue with hyperpigmentation, which is why we see splotchy brown spots that are especially obvious as we aged.

Asian skin also has black & whiteheads on the t-zone & cheek area because the oil glands are super active in secreting sebum. Excess sebum left on these areas will lead to inflammatory acnes, rough skin & enlarged pores. The wearing of safety masks because of Covid 19 makes maskne trending & on a roll. All of these problems are pretty scary & how many do you have?​


asian skin

I got to know about Asian Skin Solutions when I watched Taiwan most well-received beauty program 女人我最大 on television, which happened to feature their award winning skincare products for that episode. The segment got me intrigued & lead me to search for user reviews on Asian Skin Solutions as I’m interested to try out their facial service.

Being one of the top-notch skincare solution in Singapore, Asian Skin Solutions allows me to care for myself with their state-of-the-art technologies in cosmetic field. I feel that my skin deserves the best & staying young is a lifelong mission for me (and almost everyone)!

What makes Asian Skin Solutions different from others is also that they take pride in being the solutions for Asian skin problems & are committed to help us in eliminating skin concerns in the most effective way & relaxing environment. With their professionally-trained beauticians, I am on my way to a more confident self, even when I’m in bare skin!


asian skin

There are 2 Asian Skin Solutions outlets in Singapore and the one I visited is at Paya Lebar Square. All of their locations are convenient to access, which is important since most of us need to visit the salon several times in order to complete the treatments.

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Back to my Happy Land Tokyo Bust Express for Serenity Treatment!

Life is the sum of all your choices, so please make good ones always!

Blogged about my first experience with Tokyo Bust Express previously, I’m happy to be back & checked on their Serenity Treatment this round.

Most of us are curious about Tokyo Bust Express’s services after seeing their advertisements, but how many really tried? I’m thankful to myself for visiting them because this is one of the wise choices I’ve made in life. The experience this round is just as pleasurable as previous, where I also get to clear my queries on myths & issues with my therapist. Everyone at Tokyo Bust Express is so knowledgeable!


When comes to Tokyo Bust Express, most of us will think this is a bust salon that focuses on enhancement & enlargement only. This is only partially right because Tokyo Bust Express also focuses on Bust Care such as enhancing its firmness, tuning irregular shaped breasts to be more balanced, as well as detoxifying from clogged lymphatic nodes with massages and machines. Sadly, many of us did not or do not know how to take good care of ourselves during puberty, after weight lost and child birth, resulting to great damages to our precious peaks!


Tokyo Bust Express is one of the most reputable bust treatment salons in Singapore with strong support from media & customers, and also has great wins of numerous awards throughout the years.

Besides using up-to-date technologies alongside age-old techniques from Japan, Tokyo Bust Express also uses products with herbaceous extracts that aid in bust improvements without any surgeries or pills. These products are especially useful when used with massages and machines – for greater & longer lasting effects.


I love the outlet at NEX Serangoon since it is the nearest to my home & there are many shops for me to shop and eat after my treatment! Located at level 3 of NEX, this cosy salon is really comfortable & gives me sense of privacy.



Very much in love with their pink & gold interior always, even the tree for christmas is in pink! This place is just so gorgeous, every corner of it!

All new customer to the salon will have to complete a two-page questionnaire in order for the therapist to understand your needs deeper. I’m skipping this since I’m a returning customer where they already know I’m looking for a recharge for my boobs since I have been feeling really unhealthy & lethargic from my festive eats & late nights.

No longer feeling shy or nervous, Tokyo Bust Express made me feel at home right after my first treatment with them previously – this is how good & professional they are.


Changed into their signature silk kimono with bra off, I’m all ready for my Serenity Treatment!

Serenity Treatment at Tokyo Bust Express

Serenity Treatment is a package with different segments put together to give a perk for our peaks! This package consists of a Scrub, Massage, Suction, & Mask. Seriously this is equivalent to a spa package to me, but focusing on the bust instead of body. Loving this idea!



In my cosy private room for treatment and the bed is so comfortable that I am sleeping in it most of the time.

Serenity Treatment took me around an hour where the treatment started off with gentle massage on acupuncture points of my chest and neck. This is to calm me while relaxes my muscles – so that I can enjoy the benefits from the treatment better!

A gel scrub is applied on my breasts to remove dirt & dead skin with gentle rubbing action by the therapist. This segment is quite quick & fuss-free but is essential to prep the bust for better absorption on the products used later.

A professional Japanese hand massage technique working on the lymphatic nodes & breasts to detox follows after the scrub. In my opinion, I feel that this signature segment of Tokyo Bust Express is really good, where no machine can be comparable. The massage is effective because accumulated fats & toxin stored at the armpit areas & bust caused by bad diet & unhealthy lifestyle, need impactful pressure on them to be expelled from the clogged lymph nodes. Machines can be strong but not accurate to the points. This is why most customers prefer Tokyo Bust Express as the therapists are well versed in the massaging techniques, giving us the right amount of pressure for the massage skillfully.

During the massage, you will experience little discomfort, especially when the therapist is exerting force on the clogged lymphatic nodes. However, you should not be worried & must persist on. The tension will be eased with you getting used to it eventually. Throughout this process, the therapist will also check for your comfort level so let her know if the pain is unbearable for you to handle.



Next up, the therapist applied a thick layer of gel onto my breasts & cupped on two suction cups from a machine. The suction cups cling on to my bust securely where the therapist started  adjusting the level of suction. The pressure must be high enough to be effective yet comfortable without hurting. This process is totally painless with the purpose to firm & lift breasts using vacuum pressure. My bust gotten a good lift from this while its shape is enhanced to be more centre focused. I’m loving the result and such effect can be permanent if I’m attending to the treatment diligently.


The final touch for the treatment involves collagen gel mask lusciously applied onto my bust, followed by a gentle wrapping on the area with a cling wrap. This mask is to fortify the skin structure while giving a beautifying plumping effect for a healthier looking bust-line.


There is no after treatment care needed for this but it will be great to show love to your bust always. Bust products can be purchased at Tokyo Bust Express according to your needs and they are essential to maintain a healthy looking bust line – just like how we take care of our face with care products.


Tokyo Bust Express is really not about bust enhancement or enlargement only. Their Serenity Treatment gave me spa-like pampering session where blood circulation is improved and unwanted toxin from my armpits area is removed with massage. This can reduce or prevent the formation of ‘second breast’ at the area effectively and my experience with them is always satisfying & pleasant throughout.

In 2020, I learnt that our well-being matters the most since everything can be really unpredictable because of the pandemic situation. I will not hold back to love myself and will be at my best whenever I can. I will also be getting my Serenity Treatment regularly if schedule allows since this I’m into bust care. When you are feeling great & healthy, your appearance and self-confidence improved. I will always stay true to my belief in life – that is to love ourselves always.


Tokyo Bust Express is having a collaboration with me whereby my readers can enjoy this exclusive Serenity Treatment Package for FREE with no purchase required! Simply message Tokyo Bust Express on their Official Facebook Page / Instagram Page with the redemption code Serenity <Maya> to enjoy this!

Tokyo Bust Express

Hotline: +65 8614 2260




• Nex Mall – 23 Serangoon Central #03-31 S556083
• Novena Square 2 – 10 Sinaran Drive, #B1-111/112 S307506
• Regency House – 123 Penang Road #07-13 S238465
• Jurong East Vision Exchange – 2 Venture Drive #01-30/31 S608526
• Paya Lebar Square – 60 Paya Lebar Road #01-26/27 S409501

Signature SlimLit Treatment at BottomSlim that targets on Tummy, Hips & Thighs!

Curves are sensual to have, lovely to hold, and perfect for any occasions, agree?

I always love to be seen as a svelte lady or someone having attractive silhouette. Thankfully, I’m mostly slim though I’m feeling lethargic and bloated at times – especially after many large feasting for several days in a row. The feeling of having extra thickness at the waist & chunky thighs is not cool & making me feeling really unattractive and clumsy.

I used to run for a few times each week, but came to a stop in mid-November because of the overwhelming amount of work to handle. To make thing worse, temptations from the festive eats are real & late night eatings are unavoidable when there are so many celebrations to attend. My sleep was also badly affected because of all these too. The aftermath? My body got 3 KG heavier with noticeable gains on my tummy and thighs. OH MY GOD!


Bottom Slim NY

Bottom Slim NY

During my visit to Tokyo Bust Express at Level 3 of NEX Serangoon, I got to discover BottomSlim is conveniently located just beside them. Being really attracted to their advertisement pinned at the shop, I decided to give it a try!

The friendly receptionist brought me into a room with a questionnaire for me to complete. My consultant Apple sat me through this and we had a really in-depth discussion on my objectives. The feeling of talking to her is like chatting with a very close friend!

Being very knowledgeable, Apple also gave me lots of advices on the diet & lifestyle habits I should adopt in order to get the healthier and lighter body I wanted. She did measurements on body and also took my weight and fats’ level. My fats are indeed a little higher than the average level for women, and having water retention problem as I’m not drinking enough fluid.

With the understanding of my habits, and expectations, Apple recommended me to try their Slimlit Treatment which focuses to detox & break down deeper layer of fats for improved blood circulation & body appearance.

Bottom Slim NY


𝗦𝗹𝗶𝗺𝗹𝗶𝘁 𝗧𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 consists of:
⚡️ E-Matrix – Detoxing (20mins)
⚡️ 50K – Breaking down the inner layer of body fats, + firming (20mins)
⚡️ Body Vibration Exercise – Burning of Calories & Improving Blood Circulation (15mins)
⚡️ Body Wrap – Shaping + Sculpting (15mins)

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