The Cutest Selfie-Camera I Have Ever Seen! Casio TR-M11 Mini.

Casio TR-M11

Thanks to Casio and MyFatPocket, I’m glad that I got my hands on Casio TR-M11 mini! I fell in love the moment I saw it. This camera has perfectly captured moments of my life with great definition and it looks aesthetically pleasing! I love how easy it is to use. Everything is adjusted by touch and is not bulky AT ALL.

Are you excited to see how it looks like?

The shape resembles that of a makeup compact case, with a clamshell design that opens up so that the user can compose the image, like checking a mirror. It is unimaginable how Casio is so creative with their product. Casio TR series gets better each time!

Some of the key unique features that I absolutely love about Casio TR-M11 mini:

  • Chic in design (Clamshell design which opens up like a mirror)
  • Available in five candy pop colours, (Green, Pink, White, Violet, Vivid Pink)
  • Ring lights for self-portraits (Fresh, Sculpt, Slim, Shadow)
  • Easy user interface
  • Direct Wi-Fi to send to phone
  • Square portraits (perfect for social media)

Casio TR-M11 mini has Ring-LED lights with various effects to deliver stunning self-portraits. All camera modes are easily changeable by touch. (I could just use my finger and swipe upwards to select my desired camera mode.)

If you are wondering how the camera switches on and off, simply flip up the camera just like a mirror and it will automatically start!

The camera has a total of nine LED lights including eight arranged in a ring pattern around the camera lens, and one positioned below the LCD. This helps to maximize the lighting effects and capture beautiful self-portraits with a variety of looks!

Five lighting modes are included:

Fresh mode: Illuminates all nine LEDs to make skin look brighter and fresh

Sculpt mode: Illuminates the upper three LEDs to lend a sculpted look to facial features

Slim mode: Illuminates the upper and lower three LEDs with the top and bottom-center LEDs working at maximum brightness to produce a slimming effect

Two Shadow mode: Illuminate either the three leftmost or three rightmost LEDs, at the user’s choice, to create arresting side-lit portraits that highlight the subject’s expression

Catch Light mode: Uses the ring light to create a specular highlight in the subject’s eyes, resulting in an eye-catching sparkle

Let me show you what the differences in the 4 camera modes! PS: Selfie-ing is really addictive with this camera.


Natural mode

I realized that the Normal Mode is more saturated and the colour looks more vibrant and pigmented. You could spot the beautiful tonal change from the reflection of my sunglass too!

Cool Mode:

What I like about Cool Mode the cooler tones of the images. The image does not appear to be too bright, overly-saturated or overly warm in colour tone. It gives off a subtle tint of pink and blue as well!

Cute mode

There are some facial enhancements in Cute Mode. In the images above, you could see that my dark circles were invisible! Isn’t it amazing? It makes me look so fresh and radiant!

Make-Up Mode

Similar to Cute Mode, the Make-up Mode allows you to add gloss to the pupils and lips. It also automatically detects acne and pimples and makes them less noticeable in pictures.

Personally, I love the Cool Mode best. I like it when my pictures have a tinge of pink. It totally suits the theme of my Instagram feed! There is no need for me to manually adjust the colour and tones of my photos through photo editing apps on my iPhone. The various camera modes definitely saved me lots of time in editing my pictures!

Casio TR-M11 Mini was launched on 20 October 2017 and I have listed some location where you can purchase them! I hope you’ll love it as much as I do! <3

Authorised Retailers for TR Mini:

Casio Concept Store @ Tampines Mall, Alan Photo, Sim Lim Square
Aik Seng Photo, Sim Lim Square
Bally Photo, Sim Lim Square, Hi-V, Sim Lim Square Digibridge
Sprint Cass (Airport T1 to T3)

Superstores for TR Mini:

Best Denki Singapore, Harvey Norman, Challenger (Vivo City, NEX & Jurong Point)


Love, Priscilla

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