First impressions speak a lot about your style. I’m a youth and I’m loving it! CHERISH YOUR YOUTH, DRESS TO IMPRESS. 

The weekends are around the corner and you’ve made plans but you’ve no clue on what to wear? Fret not as I am here to recommend some styles that are simple and caters to different situations! You ought to give yourself a pat on your shoulders for surviving a week of hectic work/school! Treat yourself to some dainty desserts at a cafe and sip on an iced cold frappuchino!

I’ve listed some of my styles and looks which you could steal for your #ootd or #fashioninspiration! 

1. Flare and Sleek

A black jumpsuit is really versatile! You are able to match it with your classic flats/heels/wedges or even sandals. However, avoid wearing your jumpsuit with slippers or sneakers as it simply does not fit the look!

2. V-tie it up!

V-neck tops are the current trend! The tiny details of the flower-petals embroidery creates a subtle cute look. To avoid looking too flashy, you could match your top with a basic pair of shorts or trousers to create an even contrast!

3. Fit & Sexy

It makes me feel really secure by wearing Yoga pants/ tights as it allows me to do my exercises without having any wardrobe-malfunction. Put on a top which fits your body structure to bring out your sexy curves. To explore a wider range of options, you could look for Racer-back tops or a loose fitting tank-top with sports bra!

4. Cheeky Weekends

Crop-tops go really well with high-waist shorts. Remember to keep it casual by pairing it with a pair of sneakers or sandals for this look. To store your necessities, a mini cross-body bag or a clutch is advisable to create softer look. This is an ideal style for a lovely morning date with your partner!

5. The “Plain Jane”

Throw on a pair of basic shirt with any boyfriend denim jeans for any impromptu meet ups with your friends. With this look, it saves you a lot of preparation time and it still creates a plain yet elegant style! Wear a pair of heels to enuance the visual effect of having “long” legs. *Thats the secret!* Avoid wearing slippers or sandals.

6. The Modern Street-style

Denim jeans fits the look with literally any kind of tops. For example, Tank top, Off-shoulder, Halter neck, Tube, Round-collar, Pullover or V-neck tops. The image above shows me wearing my favorite pair of ripped jeans where i paired it with my tank top along wits a bomber jacket for a complete street-style look. Put on a pair of heels to modernize look! Do not be afraid to be different.;)

7. Smart & Chic

If smart casual is the kind of look you are going for, simply put on an outerwear. Opt for a midi skirt that covers your knee instead of a short skirt because skirts that are above knee length and crop tops without an outwear is not a smart casual style! Alternatively, a ¾ pants or a dress would make you look slightly formal and chic as well!

8. “Just keep on swimming” – Finding Nemo

This off-shoulder top is actually a biniki top. I got creative by matching it with a pair of denim shorts to create a summer look. Hence, I could wear this outfit to go shopping before taking a dip in the swimming pool. This ootd amazingly works both ways and it saves time looking for 2 different outfits.

*Leave a comment below with your Instagram name if any of these style had inspired you!*

“Style makes you unique, you’ll be more than just an average Joe along the streets.” 

With love, Priscilla. 

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