Our trip to Malacca!

I’ve decided to blog about our road trip to Malacca with Shawn! Malacca is just a 3h 15mins drive from Singapore. We drove through Tuas > Johor Bahru > Malacca. Before deciding on this trip, I googled for some popular places to indulge in food & also places of attraction. Ladyironchef is pretty amazing with their detailed food recommendations! 🙂

I’ve attached a decent copy of the map of Malacca- showing you places of attractions!

It was really helpful when we were on the road. Thank God for this map, we were glad to have visited all the places of interests!

Shawn gave me the honour to decide our 3D2N Airbnb in Malacca, hahaha. I’m glad I got the perfect stay with a splendid view across the Straits of Malacca!

This was the view from our balcony, the host so sweet. We had a set of wooden benches and chairs, along with a romantic lighted candle. Each night was great and romantic- it was just what we needed! Bottles of Tiger Radler Lemon beers, an amazing ocean view from the balcony and great company was just perrrrrfect for me. I wished nights like these never end!

Day 1:

Our 3h 15mins drive to Malacca from Tuas! It was scorching hot (Hence, the watermelon in my hand!)


The Airbnb host made it really easy and convenient for us to check-in to our apartment. We could see some iconic views of Melaka from our balcony. (Christchurch, Seafood street, Jonkerstreet, Museums etc)

Immediately, Shawn got excited and we rushed out to explore!

Food stop for dinner: Restoran Tong Sheng  

No. 378 Jalan Melaka Raya 6, Melaka 75000, Malaysia

Hmm.. what did we order? Of course the well-known cheese bee hoon! Followed by Salted Veg Soup and Butter Squid. We queued for almost an hour. We were hungry and angry because it was our first meal of the day after the long drive. The cheese bee hoon is a MUST-TRY! The soup was really addictive and the prawns were crazy huge and juicy!


Day 2:

We visited Jokerstreet! It’s best to go on the weekends as there will be more food and night markets. If you are a fan of Chicken Rice, please try Malacca’s Chicken Rice Balls! Yup, you read it correctly, it’s Rice Balls. As you walk along Jonkerstreet, there are many Chicken Rice Ball stalls for you to choose from. I guess they taste equally good!


The stall we went has a really nice architectural interior which brings back the movie of “IP Man”.


I’m going to continue our expedition in Jonker Street! I have so much to share! Anyway, Jonker street is a MUST-VISIT. You’ll see many “on-the-go” food stalls, interesting cafes, ice-cream stalls, durian pastries, rice dumplings, apparel stalls, souvenirs, historical sites and…………. Gula Melaka desserts! Definitely Instagram worthy.


We had our first taste in Gula Melaka Coffee at a cafe along the street!




We had Longkang cockles, cockles at the back alley, bunga raya cockles, bunga raya si ham, Melaka longkang siham, Bunga Raya kerang rebus, longkang lala, Tong Bee’s stall and many other names; all referring to the same dodgy stall operating at the back alley along the Jalan Bunga Raya Melaka.

It’s literally situated in the back alley! We took a picture here to keep memories of us having dinner at some dodgy but delicious food stall.

Look at how cheap their cockles are! They are from RM 2, Shawn ate 5 plates of cockles here and I love their century eggs!


Along the back alley, there were 2 Seafood stalls. We had a nice, warm and spicy Claypot Tom Yam Soup to fill our belly!


Along the way back to the Airbnb, we spotted a huge night market. I got excited and persuaded Shawn to bring me there hahaha. Omg… they have dirt cheap buys and amazing food.

(Sidetrack) I spotted a few haunted hotels which have rusty and broken windows. I swear, they absolutely looked similar to horror movies! Omg… Shawn took some pictures of them but I couldn’t find them anywhere to show you.



Day 3: 

We are prepared to head home! Checked out of our Airbnb and grabbed some groceries in Melaka’s Mega Mall. We bought some drinks and Famous Amos cookies for our drive back to Singapore!


This sums up our road trip to Melaka! Feel free to comment other places in Malaysia which we could visit! 🙂

Oh, and not to forget. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018 my friends!


Love, Priscilla.

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  1. Look like your having awesome time in Malacca with your hubby. Thanks so much for your sharing and keep up with your good work!

    1. Priscilla says: Reply

      Thanks alot!! <3 I'll improve in every way I can!

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