“Live Each Moment In The Present Because, That’s All You’ve Got”

Live Each Moment In The Present Because, That’s All You’ve Got

I vividly remembered when someone told me, “Look forward and keep walking, if you walk backwards, you’ll hit a brick wall.” Since then, this has been my constant reminder when my mind tend to drift into negative thoughts which hinders me from moving forward.

Life is full of uncertainty– we all know it, but bearing a little hope and faith, we keep walking ahead. Living in a constant state of fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety about your past or your future is only going to ruin the beautiful aura of today.

As a kid, we all look forward to growing up. When I was in Secondary School, I wanted to be in Tertiary. When I was in Tertiary, during the start of first year, I was already seeking for graduation. I realised we could only face reality and take one step at a time…  Let us face it, we can’t undo what is done. Neither can we replay the past, nor can we fast-forward to the future. All we have with us right now is our present. Do not ruin your present with the regrets from the past or the worries of your future. (Like I said, “Look forward and keep walking, if you walk backwards, you’ll hit a brick wall.”)

Do you often have late night thoughts? Yes… I have that as well. They are thoughts which are webbed in your head which you’ve created from the past. You might be subconsciously dwelling on “What if I could have done this instead of that “. There’s no point looking back, they are all learning experiences that shapes you as a person. Personal growth comes from the battles you have fought alone, scars and wounds that are left on your body, hurt, and the agony that people put on you.

The moment you look back at “battles” you’ve been through. You will become powerful and unstoppable. In regards to the “battles” you’ve fought, be prepared for uncertainty as another battle would likely occur again. Think about this, “I’ve been through this amount of mess before, I’m sure I will be able to overcome this mess as well.” I would say, it’s always the individual experience, be it hurt from the past or achievements you’ve attained, affect your individual strength or mind set.

Moreover, remember, strong people are not the ones who make no mistakes, rather they learn from their mistakes. We all are humans, after all, we are meant to fall and rise and there is nothing called as perfection.

If you can go to bed without any regrets, you have lived a perfect day my friend! Do not judge yourself by the standards that the society has set for you, rather set standards for your own self and set your own definitions.

To summarise it all up, you have to untangle the messy web of thoughts in your head. All the bad experiences you’ve been though will shape you into a stronger person. There’s no point looking at the past mess you’ve created because no one remembers it.



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