King’s Laksa Steamboat

Steamboat on a rainy day, who’s in for it?

It was a raining after internship on Friday and my Grab App was failing me omg. Pfft… they grab always have issues during peak hours. I was gonna meet Shawn at 6pm right after intern end but he was still in work urgh. (* insert roll eyes emoji*) So I ended up going back home and met him for a late dinner while my tummy was growling. I scrolled through Burpple App and chanced upon this unique hotpot where there’s hot Laksa soup which was sooooo appealing to me.  (There was no right fit for my tummy, haha I was famished.)

King’s Laksa Steamboat
Address: 17 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545724 (located near Serangoon Gardens/ Chomp Chomp)
Hours:  11AM–11PM, Phone: 6287 8010

King’s Laksa has unique steamboat soup base and there’s a healthier option for laksa noodles! The image below has a plate of purple-looking noodles – that’s the wholegrain laksa noodles. Special ain’t it? Well I like the fact that I could personalise on what ingredients I’d like my Laksa to be.. hehe.

Shawn and I are huge fan of chicken breasts (but he doesn’t like it dry).. whereas all cooking methods are acceptable on my end. Hahahaha my eyes glowed and I was like “Hey look! Omg they gave us chicken breast! Omgg yayyy” I hated it when I had to take time to peel off the layer of chicken skin and trans-fat. Goodness. That’s why I prefer consuming chicken breast at all time hahaha. Call me weird but I’m just being me ahaha.

Shawn then screwed up the laksa taste cause he accidentally drop in Mutton, thinking it was beef. Which, eventually, tasted like Indian Mutton Curry………. I was complain badly hahahaha.

Oh yes!! I strongly recommend the Fried Prawn Paste Chicken Wings & Luncheon Meat, it really tastes heavenly. It’ll exceed your perceived value I swear.

Shawn is a Carnivore and I’m I had to finish up whatever vegetables I took. (Button mushrooms, Shitake mushrooms, Cabbage and a stalk of Spinach.) Hahaha that’s because I’m afraid there’s too much vegetables for me. But it’s hilarious, that’s right 1 STALK OF SPINACH. HAHAHA

Shawn ordered Ramen and I had Wheat laksa noodles! We couldn’t finish the Mutton and Beef in the end. I wouldn’t help him to finish the meat. Omg, it became Mutton Curry.. Goodness.

The best part of the meal was……. DESSERT! I’ve forgotten to take a picture of variety of ice cream they had. Anyway, they’ve the usual standard flavours of ice cream, however my favourite flavours were there!! I scooped the biggest portion of Earl Grey tea ice cream & stoled Shawn’s portion of Matcha Green Tea hahaha- which really has the slight bitter matcha taste and pretty similar from as which it was bought from the Japanese grocer store. It’s damn amazing omg… We became FF after that hahahaha. Guilty pleasures…

Not sure if you guys tried this restaurant yet! But try it if you feel sick of the usual soup bases yeah! And leave a comment to let me know when you’ve tried.

Love, Priscilla.

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