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What determines personal confidence? Does appearance affect your confidence? This might seem extremely opinionated and the answer varies from individuals. I’m here to blog about the improvement of my aesthetic appearance and to convince you why appearance matters to me. Hence, here are some fun facts about myself! (You could choose not to read and skin to the Hifu Plus Facelift).

I believe that your appearance determines positive/negative impressions.

I am always insecure when it comes to appearance. I probably see too many flaws in myself.

I’m an avid horoscope reader. Based on my horoscope, (I am a Cancer btw) I’m an extremely sensitive person. Yes, I often overreact when things do not go my way or things happened the way I do not want it to be.

I am pretty obsessed with the way I look and I would like everything to be beautiful and perfect for myself and my loved ones.

Social media does not boost my confidence. I would say there are too many gorgeous ladies with the perfect V-shape face, while I have chubby baby cheeks which jiggle.
Anyway, I would like to share how I have managed to solve my aesthetic and confidence issues without experiencing much pain!

Disclaimer: My reviews and experience are genuine and non-biased. (Read on for my review and my personal thoughts and feelings about the process!)

Hifu Plus (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

What does Hifu Plus treatment mean? It is also known as ‘Ultrasound Facelift’ that has become one of the most sought-after lifting treatments for face and neck.

Hifu Plus is a one-off treatment which will help you achieve tighter, firmer, lifted skin! (There is no need for you to go for multiple sessions to see results. You are able to see results immediately.)

Why do I recommend the Hifu Plus treatment? Firstly, the machine and serum used to stimulate collagen in the skin. It has no cuts to the skin and hence, no recovery time is needed. At the end of the treatment, you will see instant noticeable results! It is a once per year treatment. (I would advise you to go for this treatment twice a year to have a consistent V-shape face. However, you could do this treatment as often you wish- depending on your personal likeness of your face.)

Here are some photos that were taken before the treatment process! My front, left and right. (Yup, I have chubby cheeks that jiggle!)

The first step was to remove any debris and have a fully cleansed face. The clinic assistant was skilled with her techniques and I was feeling calm and relaxed even before the treatment.





The first step was to remove any debris and have a fully cleansed face. The clinic assistant was skilled with her techniques and I was feeling calm and relaxed even before the treatment.



Dr. Elias came in and discussed on the areas which was needed to improve- a quick examination on my face was done and my targeted areas were the lower part of my cheeks towards the jaw area! Hifu Plus’s serum was then applied gently on my cheeks, it was a cooling sensation indeed!


As I have previously mentioned, Hifi Plus works through ultrasound. This machine looks very much similar to a “magic wand”. The treatment was performed within the targeted area Dr Elias had suggested in a circular motion. The only pain I felt was when he used the machine to massage the serum into my cheeks, it was tingly but bearable.



In approximately 5-10 minutes, my left cheek was done. Dr Elias told me that he could see the difference after completing the left cheek. I was so amazed and elated! (Yup, I grabbed a mirror immediately to see the instant result!)




Alright, so now is the treatment process for my right cheek. Please read till the end of my post!





Similarly, Dr Elias would identify the targeted areas and apply the serum and start the process. Then, you will experience the tingly sensation for less than 10 minutes.

Hifu before after

I’m really glad that the treatment is completed in 30 minutes with instant results! There is no recovery period as well. If you are not able to see the difference, fret not. Do give yourself 2 weeks and trust me, you will definitely see a sharper “V” on your face!

PS: I did this blog post of Hifu Plus treatment a month after the process. So here’s how my face looks like after more than 2 weeks!

BEFORE/AFTER (And also, with and without makeup haha)


Noticed the difference when I smiled? I chose the photo which has the same camera angle to use it as a better reference for you ladies! It is unimaginable, isn’t it?

The link to the video of the entire duration of the process will be up soon, please stay tuned! Do drop down your comments in the corner below if you have any questions. 

Here is the image of the address and also the contact details:

EHA Clinic Singapore

Address: 1 Scotts Road #15-01 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208

Email: info@eha.com.sg

Contact: +65 6235 3325 / +65 8168 7235



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