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  • A Slimmer V Face without Surgery: Jaw Botox and Chin Fillers with Dr. Rachel Ho

    As a lady in a modern world, we often have a “desire to compare ourselves with peers forms what we describe as a perfect storm of self-doubt.”(Donna Wick, EdD, founder of Mind-to-Mind Parenting)  She’s so thin. Her grades are perfect. What a happy couple. I’ll never be that cool, that skinny, that lucky, that successful. […]

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  • Hifu Plus for v-shape face!

    What determines personal confidence? Does appearance affect your confidence? This might seem extremely opinionated and the answer varies from individuals. I’m here to blog about the improvement of my aesthetic appearance and to convince you why appearance matters to me. Hence, here are some fun facts about myself! (You could choose not to read and […]