11 Days of fun in the Philippines! (Part 1) *throwback

I finally found time to blog about my Boracay trip last year. It was pretty much a graduation trip which my friends and I planned to travel to parts of Philippines on a 10D 9N trip! Thank God for my good friend Maezel whom I’ve known for 9 years and counting, is a proud citizen of Philippines. Without her, this trip would not be made possible! Oh wait, I just realised the 3 of them have been with me for a good 9 years! Words could not describe how much you guys mean to me.

I’m not sure if I still have my Boracay trip’s itinerary with me. If you are planning a trip to Cebu, Bohol or Boracay, feel free to comment below. I’ll try my best to search for the remains so you could use them to customise your trip! 🙂

PS: I’m not going to edit all of my pictures because there are 120 photos in total!

View our 11 Days in Philippines Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FihYikZZAJ4&feature=youtu.be



A mandatory picture which marks the start of our 11 days adventure! I’ll be mentioning a lot of my friends’ names in this blog post. Let’s say hi to Lela, Sky and Maezel! (Left to Right)


Ready… set and… go! We are anticipating Manila! The flight duration from Singapore to Manila took 3h 45 mins.  Maezel arranged for a driver to pick us up from Manila Airport to her home. From there, we’ll discover the city for a day and prepare for a domestic flight to Cebu!

(Pardon my face, it was a quick selfie to send to my mom)


Accessories and beachwear is a NEED for a sunny beach vacation! My luggage was packed with 3 sets of bikinis, 2 hats and tons of summer apparels. When travelling, I tend to pack lots of unnecessary items which I do not need. I’m aware it is a bad habit! Trust me, I tried to minimize my check-list each time I travel but the thought of “I might need this too… and so do I need this as well.” is unstoppable. (I would bring my entire wardrobe to make me feel 100% well-prepared. Haha)


Here we are at Manila Financial Centre! “Travel for coffee” is one of my personal life goals! I wish to try local coffee from all parts of the world. The taste and scent of the coffee beans from all parts of the world are unique in their own way. The level of acidity and bitterness/sweetness varies as well. Hence, Manila’s local coffee brew, checked!


BORACAY  will be in Part 2 of my blog!


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