Jump on the lip stain train with SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick: Review, Swatches and Makeup Looks

Just as I thought that the liquid matte lip stain trend is dying down, Sephora manages to revive it with their newly revamped Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick! Get your lips covered with bold colour from AM to PM.

The SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick is a silky, long-lasting lip stain that glides on super smoothly while giving you strong pigmentation and colour. For all you ladies who do not have time, or simply do not want to do any touch-ups, this is the lipstick for you.

I used to explore the SEPHORA COLLECTION lipsticks and eye shadows but honestly, they didn’t interest me and they weren’t exciting enough to warrant a review, until I met these lip stains. Even though it says that it’s a lip stain, I feel that this works like a liquid matte lipstick instead for it gives you power-charged colour intensity in a matte texture.

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Essential skin maintenance with ASTIQUE’s Laser Treatments: Review

It’s been more than 6 months with ASTIQUE, The Aesthetic Clinic now and I can confidently say that my skin and complexion has tremendously improved. If you saw me from 6-8 months ago, you’d probably notice that my skin had huge zits and really pigmented acne scars, coupled with really dry skin. In recent days, my skin has taken a huge improvement for me to confidently be out and about with absolutely no makeup at all!

Last week, I went for my 4th session and I was thrilled that the therapist commented that my skin has greatly improved from the first time I visited. Dr. Ng, the doctor assigned to me right from the very start, also mentioned my skin now requires just regular maintenance to preserve the condition.

As with my usual routine, I went for the following treatments:

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Burn baby, burn, with the Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette: Review, Swatches and Makeup Looks

Oh yeah, as the title says, you’re about to get burnt by the hottest launch of the year – the Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette. If you thought that the previous Naked palettes were hot stuff, brace yourself and enter the next level with the newest iteration.

The most sweltering Naked palette yet has reached our shores (yay!) and was sold out within an hour on Sephora Online during the pre-launch 2 weeks ago. How crazy is that? I’ve never heard of any palette being sold out in Singapore because I hardly see any girls with eyeshadows on the streets. So… does this mean that I will start seeing more girls hitting town with eyeshadows now?

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Just my two cents…

It’s been long since I last talked about the thoughts that are going around in my head. Lately, I’ve been feeling really uninspired and disappointed with life. I haven’t been feeling so emotional since my last heartbreak but somehow, matters in the family and the unpleasant blogging/influencers (whatever you want to call it) scene have been injecting real negative thoughts into me. I mean, we’re all human; we are all entitled to feel what we want to, right?

You know, they say “Every family has its own struggles”. It’s true, no matter big or small. Going through what I am going through, I must say that it’s really, really tough having to handle so much. Well, I know God will never give us challenges that we can’t handle, but sometimes, I feel that I need a break from all this craziness. I need an undisturbed week, or even month to myself in order to recharge and face the problems again. When you keep having lemons thrown to you while you’re trying to figure things out, it can get quite tiring.

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Go casual chic with mizzue: Style Feature

It’s my first style review in my blogging life and I am so excited! Paradeoflove is a space for all the things I love and I’m so happy how it evolved from just being a space for me to rant about life, to a beauty blog and now venturing into fashion as well.

Fashion to me is not about being all artificial, over-the-top glamorous and unrealistic. Fashion to me is not only dressing up to look good, but also about embracing your body with the clothes you wear. Fashion should be comfortable and not trying, hence I’m going to be having regular style features about the day-to-day realistic outfits (most of them casual, though) I wear.

This is going to be a short feature of two cute and versatile bags from mizzue, a local brand that manufactures PU leather bags. The bags I’ve picked are the Rosalie Feeny bucket bag in pink, and the Taryn Beckert 2-in-1 tote set in burgundy.

Pink is a colour that’s not in my wardrobe but somehow, this cute baby pink bucket bag was calling out to me while I was browsing through the site.

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