Valentine’s Day 2015 Date Night Makeup: Pictorial

Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW! I am so so excited for a lovely day to be spent with my love and friends! It’s going to be a double date, my first time ever on V-Day! Since tomorrow is going to be a celebration of love, what makeup are you going to sport for a sweet date?
Ladies, if you are going out with your boyfriend, I suggest to not go over the top with your eyeshadows. Guys don’t really like makeup on their girlfriends because they simply love the “au naturel” look. However, if you’re like me and wish to doll up and look pretty in pictures, here are my suggested makeup for that girly, romantic eyes! I have used these products to recreate 2 different looks with pictorials below.
The 2 looks might look similar because essentially, the colours used are rather soft and sweet. However, on closer look, you can spot the differences between the pinks and champagnes used.
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Get Started with Makeup! (Makeup for Beginners)

As a beauty blogger, I must say that I didn’t start playing with makeup at a very young age. In fact, my venture into these cosmetic products started when I was around 20-21 years old. When I first started, like any other beginners, I wasn’t very good at it, especially perfecting that flawless winged eyeliner.
After getting the perfect wing, I went into the playful world of eyeshadows. Perhaps it’s because I have that artistic flair, I was pretty good at eyeshadow application for a beginner. I began to get a lot of requests for eyeshadow tutorials and hence, I decided to include a pictorial for a neutral everyday eye makeup at the end of this post!
Well, let’s look into the makeup products you need (in my opinion) if you are just starting out dolling yourself up!
(All you need for your everyday makeup look!)
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Fall In Love with Inglot: Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

“Love. It’s a beautiful thing. Let’s fall in love and write our own story.” I am always living in fascination when it comes to love. To me, love is a beautiful feeling. When you are in love, flowers blossom everywhere and all you see is yourself and your partner, hand in hand, sauntering through the sunset. Recently, Inglot Singapore launched their latest collection – Fall In Love. The collection revolves around 5 new shades that’ll take you on a romantic ride through the sunset/sunrise.
The collection is inspired by nature and emotions and every shade is spiced with metallic accents. The 3 key products launched in the 5 shades include the signature AMC eyeliner gel, single eyeshadows and nail enamel.

(The official launch visual)
The 5 metallic shades developed for this collection include:
  • Warm brown
  • Soft golden orange
  • Greyish teal
  • Bright purplish blue
  • Mauve-taupe
(These nail polishes allow the nails to “breathe”. Aren’t the shades gorgeous?)
For the AMC Eyeliner Gel range, the mauve-taupe shade is replaced with a vibrant violet for some reason. I thought it would be nice if all 5 shades were developed exactly in the 3 product ranges.
For the purpose of the review, Inglot has kindly given me the 5 eyeshadows housed in the Freedom System Palette to play with! I couldn’t resist the AMC Gel Eyeliner in 98 (greyish teal), thus I had to bring it home as well. The shades as usual, are being labelled with their respective numbers, though it would be a lot better if they were named after the inspiration behind them (e.g. 157 as “Romantic Sunset”). I know some people like it numbered for easy reference but that’s just my personal take.

The eyeshadows, as usual, are dense, smooth, easy to blend and highly pigmented except for 159. 159 is a bright periwinkle shade which looks vibrant on the pan but when applied, it came off rather sheer and more purple than it looks. This was probably the only shade that I had problems with in terms of pigmentation. I do love the way it blends to give a softer look though.
Regarding the 5 shades, they remind me of colours in a sunset/sunrise. The orange sheen in 157 resembles the sun so much that when combined with the blue-green tones like 158 and 159, they form the colour spectrum you see when the sun rises/sets. Romantic, indeed.
(Swatches of the Fall In Love eyeshadows)
(Swatches of the Fall In Love AMC Gel Eyeliners)
(Swatches of the AMC Gel Eyeliner in 98: as a cream eyeshadow and a liner)
And here is the makeup look I recently wore, featuring all 5 eyeshadows in the Fall In Love collection and an Inglot lipstick in 139 (a strawberry pink). You can see that from the front view, the shades are subtly portraying the romantic feel that it’s supposed to give off. I like how the teal and periwinkle shades give a pop of colour to the eyes when placed in the lower lash line.

My inspiration came from the picturesque and idyllic sunset scene that I was imagining. I placed 156 (warm brown) in the crease, followed by a gradient between 157 (soft golden orange) and 160 (mauve-taupe) to depict a sunset. I completed the look by dragging the 2 cool tones, 158 (greyish teal) and 159 (bright purplish blue), onto my lower lash line to represent the cool and calm waters on a beach.

In my opinion, this can be an everyday makeup look for work or for school, minus the cool blues in the lower lash line. I wanted a bubbly and cute look thus I decided to incorporate all 5 shades into my makeup!

(A detailed eye makeup chart to map out the placement of my eyeshadows for easy reference)

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved writing it, especially creating the makeup look and photographing it! 🙂 If you are new to eyeshadows, I would recommend getting shades 156, 157 and 160 to start off. They are reasonably priced at $12-15 per eyeshadow and each pan carries a ton of product that’ll probably last you a few years.
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: The eyeshadow palette was sponsored by the team from Inglot for review. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself.
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Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette: Christmas Makeup Look Pictorial

Christmas is coming, it’s near and I can feel it in my bones! The weather’s getting chilly even though Singapore is Summer all year round. The annual monsoon season (instead of Winter) is here for us in this sunny island and it signifies the coming of the end of the year!
Well, here’s a Christmas Look I did using one of the Holiday collection palettes, the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette! I know I haven’t done a review on it yet but I am going to jump ahead and go straight into my Christmas Red and Green eye makeup!

This was a collaboration done with my dear friend, Fifi from (@fifiliciousify), and you can check out her look on my Instagram as well as hers!

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Solone Eyeliners, Eyebrow Pencil and Eyeshadow Stick: Review & Swatches

You know how sometimes when you pay so much for a particular makeup product but it just doesn’t work for you? I’m sure we all encountered that at least once in our lives and it is very frustrating, I know! For me, a good example would be the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencils. It NEVER works for me and it smudges the next hour after application.
Well, let me introduce you to a Taiwanese brand, Solone, affordable yet full of quality products! I am in love, especially with the eyeliner pencils! They stayed with me for a good 8-hours without budging, I’m impressed! I had been given a chance to try out the Rose Covering Makeup Remover Pencil, the Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil, Color Party One Step Magic Eyebrow Pencil and Magical Stick Eyeshadow and the Rose Garden Gel Eyeliners c/o Solone Singapore (the names are so long, pardon the hard-to-read sentence)!
(Did you know that the Smoody Pencil from the Alice Fantasy Adventure Series and Gel Eyeliner have been awarded #1 and #2 on the eyeliner category by Fashion Guide Taiwan this year, respectively?)
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