The Top 5 Foundations you need to check out (Luxury & Drugstore): Review

A beauty junkie can never leave out base makeup especially when he/she is heading out of the house, even to run errands. For me, I have oily combination skin, very acne-prone as well, which makes it hard for me to find a foundation that suits me. Most of the foundations I tried in the market do not last on my skin but thankfully after years of experimenting, testing and trying, I managed to shortlist my top 5 favourites!


Price is never an issue for me because it’s all about finding the best foundation for my skin type. Interestingly, my five choices here range from the luxurious to the pocket-friendly ones.


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Work the metallic ombre trend with L’Oreal Paris Color Riche 24 Karat Gold Lipsticks: Review, Swatches & Makeup Looks

It’s lipstick galore! We can never get tired of the ombre trend, can we? Just as you thought things were getting boring, a dual tone lip colour – the metallic ombre – is here to dominate. What better way to rock the Lunar New Year than to mesmerise with your dressed pout?

With 5 iconic Color Riche shades and an additional Limited Edition gold lipstick wrapped in 24-carat gold pigments (wow), the L’Oréal Paris Color Riche 24 Karat Gold Star collection is going to be a staple in your makeup bag.

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Boost your Confidence with Radiant and Refined Skin with L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Ferment Pre-Essence: Review

As we age, do you find that it’s harder to maintain the youthfulness you once had on your skin? Aging, work stresses and the harmful aggressors from the environment are what contributes to dullness in our skin. As we grow older, not only your overall metabolism slows down, your skin metabolism decelerate as well, and this means that your skin cells renew at a decreased pace. What do we get? Fine lines, uneven skin texture and you can also bid goodbye to bouncy, supple skin.

To combat all of those signs, L’Oréal Paris has reinforced its best-selling Youth Code essence with Ferment Essence extracted at a purity of 98% to not only stimulate skin metabolism but also step up the cell renewal rate. The result? A healthier looking skin complexion with the L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Ferment Pre-Essence.

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A luxurious and sensorial hair transformation with NEW L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Hair Care: Review

Want shiny and healthy tresses in the comfort of your own home? I had the chance to attain smooth and manageable hair with the NEW hair care products from L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil, Japan’s No. 1 Treatment Brand! The Extraordinary Oil range now introduces an all-new Shampoo, Conditioner and a Hair Mask! Not to forget their classic hair oil, dedicated to smoothen frizz and make hair shine!
Infused with 6 Flower Oils for 6 hair benefits (soft, smooth, strengthened, shiny, manageable and weightlessly flowing hair), the New Extraordinary Oil Hair Care range promises a luxurious and sensorial hair transformation.
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