Regain your skin’s natural beauty with Mamonde Skincare: Review

Flower-based skincare, who’s in? I’m definitely in! With the launch of floral-based Korean beauty brand, Mamonde, we’re once again spoilt for choice when it comes to Korean skincare. As you might have figured out by now, Mamonde, prides itself to nurture and enhance your natural beauty through the invigorating properties of flowers. The brand even has a real flower garden in Osan, located at the south of Seoul, where the key blooms like hibiscus, camellia, magnolia, honeysuckle and lotus are carefully-cultivated under expert botanists.

I’ve always been a believer of having flowers in skincare products, especially rose, because these beautiful works of nature actually provide nourishment and healing to our skin. In this post, I will share with you some of the skincare products I’ve been trying from Mamonde and hopefully you’ll find them useful for your skin too!

Read on for a surprise at the end!~

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Restore your skin’s natural balance with LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line: Review

Lately it’s been looking all rosy on my skincare shelf in my boyfriend’s room. As I’m always staying over at his place on weekends, I have been leaving bits and pieces of me (my clothes, skincare, makeup) at his place and the one set of skincare I rely on during the weekends is the LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line.

LANEIGE has always been one of my trusted Asian brands when it comes to skincare and makeup, from the Water Sleeping Mask to the BB Cushion Pore Control and recently, the new line of foundation and bases. I was so stoked when they decided to drop a whole line of skincare dedicated to restoring your skin’s natural balance with four very simple steps.

Formulated with natural litchi extract and deep-sea water, the LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line seeks to empower your skin with the fundamentals – to soothe and moisturise. Let’s go back to the basics with uncomplicated steps to regain a healthy, rosy complexion. It’s time to unleash the sparkling beauty in you!


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Unveil the secrets of royal beauty with The History of Whoo Bichup Soon Hwan Essence: Review

Ever got pampered so much that you felt like a queen? You can do the same for your skin too and make yourself feel like Your Royal Highness. The premium Korean skincare label, The History of Whoo, recently made its entrance into our shores. Already a fan of its Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Lipstick, I was intrigued to test out its legendary skincare line. Fortunately for me, I had the chance to immerse myself in complete luxury with The History of Whoo Bichup Soon Hwan Essence.
Whoo is derived from the Chinese character “”, meaning empress or queen. The History of Whoo therefore encompasses both oriental traditions and the history of the empress’ secret beauty formula. The precious beauty skincare line is inspired from the traditional Korean royal culture, made modern with today’s science and technology, and is designed to convey modern cosmetic virtues while embodying regal beauty.
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Special offers on your favourite Korean cosmetics at 1030AM: Review

Busy and don’t have time to shop for your favourite Korean skincare and cosmetics? Fight the hassle and shop in the comfort of your own home at 1030AM! At 1030AM, expect a hassle-free shopping experience with only special offers and discounts on selected products! I’ve shopped a little, courtesy of the team at 1030AM, and look what I’ve got!~
Why 1030AM? That was the first question in my head when I first encountered the site. Well, apparently, 1030AM is the perfect time for online shopping. Think about the time after you’ve just finished clearing overdue emails and tasks in the office… 10.30AM is just about right!
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Hydrate and cover with Belif Moisture Bomb Cushion & True Cream-Aqua Bomb: Review

Dry skin ladies, the powerful moisture duo is here to save your day! It’s never too late to jump on the BB Cushion bandwagon and I am so stoked that Belif actually came up with a cushion product too! I’ve always loved the Almighty Sun Powder and when this was sent to me, I couldn’t wait to try it!
The moisture duo consists of none other than the NEW Moisture Bomb Cushion and the iconic True Cream-Aqua Bomb moisturiser! Can you spot them in the photo?
(P.S. My pup, Sake, refuses to leave the photo)
The first product I am going to talk about is the latest release from Belif, the Moisture Bomb Cushion which contains the most important property of the moisturising bomb cream, essentially deep hydration. It contains SPF50+/PA+++, an adequate amount of sun protection you can get in your base product.
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