Let the Christmas joy reign with Innisfree’s Green Christmas 2017 Collection: Review, Swatches & Makeup Looks

I’m dreaming of a GREEN CHRISTMAS. Just like the ones I used to know. Where the MAKEUP glisten, and JUNKIES listen. To hear NEW (makeup) DROPS in the snow~

It’s already December and I can’t wait for Christmas! This is the time where we empty our pockets because ALL the brands are coming out with their Christmas collections. Here’s bringing you K-Beauty Innisfree’s holiday drop – the Green Christmas 2017 Collection.


The collection consists of many gorgeous products, including a set of three DIY String Art Sets which I absolutely love!


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Special offers on your favourite Korean cosmetics at 1030AM: Review

Busy and don’t have time to shop for your favourite Korean skincare and cosmetics? Fight the hassle and shop in the comfort of your own home at 1030AM! At 1030AM, expect a hassle-free shopping experience with only special offers and discounts on selected products! I’ve shopped a little, courtesy of the team at 1030AM, and look what I’ve got!~
Why 1030AM? That was the first question in my head when I first encountered the site. Well, apparently, 1030AM is the perfect time for online shopping. Think about the time after you’ve just finished clearing overdue emails and tasks in the office… 10.30AM is just about right!
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Haul made easy with ShopandBox: Review of my Korean Beauty Haul

Once again, I am ShopandBox-ing! 😀 This is already my fourth order because honestly, I am just a very lazy shopper. I would pay for someone to shop my list for me and get my items delivered all the way to my doorstep! 😉 As seen on my Instagram, you’d probably guess (I think you don’t have to guess…) that I’m a HUGE makeup/beauty junkie and I collect all-things-beauty from all over the world!
Of course, to be a makeup junkie, one has to buy and buy and buy, right? 😉 Just kidding. Anyway, thanks to ShopandBox, I managed to haul awesome makeup products from famous brands in Korea that are unavailable in Singapore, how cool is that?!
What is ShopandBox?
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