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Botox at Gangnam Laser Clinic

Botox This word usually scares me and I’d think of all sorts of negative images. In fact my knowledge of botox seemed to only restrict to a box filled with stories of Barbie looking people who have zero frown lines and wrinkles.🙀 Walking towards Gangnam Laser Clinic, I wont deny I felt a tad bit […]

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Sunny Hills Pineapple Cakes

Once upon a time, there was a very innovative man who wanted to help the farmer brothers, who lived high up in the hills, make use of their pineapple harvest from their pineapples farm. And with the help of an elderly baker, Sunny Hills Pineapple Cakes were born! Cute that they actually printed the main […]

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Staycation @ Parc Sovereign Tyrwhitt

Sometimes, you kinda need to just stop, count your blessings, and be grateful . It was almost a week till B’s 33rd birthday and me being me, left everything till the last minute. Thankfully, with the help of Parc Sovereign  and Faves Official I managed to pull of a surprise celebration for B with his close friends […]

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Bleaching @ The Comb

Been so sick and tired of my hair colour recently so when it was time to head back to The Comb Sg, I told Han Hee I wanted something different for a change. It has probably been 5 months or so since I last coloured my hair at The Comb Sg and I previously opted […]

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I said Yes

Such a beautiful moment, how can I not blog about it right? As many of you know I’m finally ENGAGED to this wonderful man, my trusted confidante, my forever cheerleader! Bernard actually proposed a month ago you see… and this was how it went down. I was expecting the everlasting rose in our room already […]

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#bernXsnow turns 2!

They say time flies when you’re having a good time so I’m pretty sure whoever said that was spot on cos… it’s our 2nd anniversary! Ok I know it sounds very lame but wow.. 2 years. When I reminisce of the time we met and started seeing each other, and compare it to what we […]

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Hello 2k17 and good riddance 2k16

Another year down. Gosh, can time pass any faster than this? 2016 has been by far the craziest year ever. Probably the most jialat rollercoaster ride I have ever been on too. There were so many amazing moments and wonderful times and then there are those bloody moments I’d sometimes ask God ‘Why me?’. Few […]

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