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Roses Only Singapore

🚨PSA PSA PSA PSA🚨 I’ve fallen in love with long stemmed roses from Roses Only Singapore 💋 Packed with class and simplicity, receiving this gift box of roses really did excite me whe I laid my hands on it. One would wonder where these beautifully grown roses come from and I’ll be glad to share that […]

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Floral Garage

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of flowers, especially since fresh ones eventually die just like any other living things. But I still have a soft spot for sunflowers and roses especially if they come to me all wrapped up beautifully. I won’t complain, I’ll take it! Ok so the sunflower selection was amazingggggggggggggggggg😍😍😍 BUT […]

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VASA BLÅ by Sudio

It’s been a while since I have received any IT gadget so it was super sweet of Sudio to send me a pair of VASA BLÅ for Christmas 💕 I was was hoping that it would look feminine and pretty as most earphones are generally very edgy and boyish. I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Just look […]

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