Thank you Mum by One Hour Florist

June 25, 2020

Ever since the circuit breaker started, I made the decision to move across the island (like literally across since its from Bedok to Jurong West) and live permanently with my in-laws as I was posted to work at the Community Centre in that area.

Anyway, a little story about my fiance’s mother. It has been 5 years since I was introduced to his family and his parents have always been good to me. They accepted me with open arms and open hearts. Few years ago my parent’s place had major renovations so I had no place to sleep. Mum allowed me to move in and her home has been my 2nd home ever since. I really want to write this down to remember how much she has done for me. From cooking my meals, to getting me things that she thinks I would like, for always involving me in every family event, she really made me feel like her own. My biological mom is great but I’ll leave that for another day.

To show my thanks to her, I got One Flour Florist to send her some pretty flowers and they were so pretty! Enough flowers for me, now some for her!


Roses are one of my favourite flowers and they are safe and easy to gift as well. Mixing red and white roses definitely enhances the bloom box as the white roses brings out the red roses quite dramatically.



At the same time I was hoping that the second bouquet I ordered would be something different yet suitable for an older recipient. Guess I wasn’t wrong trusting One Hour florist for getting things right!




Chio leh, don’t you think? Overall, the flowers were fresh and the arrangements were complimenting. And guess what? All this was done without me even knowing what to expect! Because when you do place your order you have to fill up the drop box so that One Hour Florist would know how to customize their bouquets for your recipient.

one hour

As the image above shows, you can select the age, relationship, occasion, and a simple one word description of your recipient. If you have any queries, you can either whatsapp message them or approach their online customer service chat! After you have selected all the required information you can then customise a message, of course mine was a thank you message to Mum.


Another plus point for One Hour Florist is that they deliver in one hour. That means you don’t have to fuss about when the delivery will arrive! No more guessing games and if you do end up having to guess after that one hour period, you will be refunded in full for late orders. Nope, you didn’t see this wrongly either. Confirm chop will feel more assured now right?!

Just remember, it is never too late to show your appreciation to your loved ones, especially those who are taking care of you when you need help the most 😍

Love, Sharon

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