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FARM Florist Surprise Bloom Box

June 9, 2020

Over the past few years, I have been blessed with different florists that I have worked with and I’ve always received beautiful bouquets without disappointment. Few days ago I received my first Surprise Bloom Box from FARM Florists and it was really a piece of work! I have to admit pink is not my favourite colour but it was enough to make me admit that pink is kind of cute 😂 Just look at this beauty!


It arrived at night so I noticed that there were some buds that were not bloomed yet! Which is great because that means I can keep the flowers for a longer period of time with some tender loving care provided. The flowers were fresh and vibrant, definitely something that is very important when it comes to ordering flowers right? Few days later, the buds eventually bloomed, yay!


Would a bloom box be a better option than a bouquet? Personally I prefer a bloom box because of 1 simple reason : Structure (dimension of 32 x 25 cm you go measure ok). There is a structure and the flowers can be placed anywhere without assistance because it is, well, in a box. I can put it on the floor, on the table, next to my bed, and the bloom box will stay in place. And there is a handle as well so it is convenient for the giver, as well as the receiver! Makes a pretty good accessory too to carry out on a date 😉


I am no botanist so I don’t know what are the flowers that made up this bloom box other than the roses,ferns, and babybreathes ( I think??) . But I did get to find out that my favourite part of this bloom box was  the purple statice. A flower I have never heard or seen before but also a flower that I was most attracted to.


And as the name goes, the Surprise Bloom Box, well, its a surprise lah! I feel that it is a pretty safe gift to someone that perhaps you are not particularly close to, such as a colleague or maybe to someone who you know will appreciate all sorts of flowers. The Primary flowers used are sunflowers, lilies, roses, or gerberas, so you kinda have a gist of what to expect. Obviously my Surprise Bloom Box’s primary flower is roses, so whatever else was the flower fillers which really completed the whole look. *Give FARM Florist a virtual pat on the back*



Do check FARM florist out via their website HERE and take a look at the other kinds of flowers available. It is pretty impressive, there are the conventional bouquets to terrariums, flower stands to hampers. Their website is really easy to navigate and they categorise to specifics. And for the Surprise Bloom Box , you can select the type of occasion (e.g. birthday, get well soon, mother’s day) and they will arrange it accordingly!

I hope you will love these flowers just like I did!

Love, Sharon

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