Eyelash Extension by Isabella Aesthetics

November 5, 2019

I rely on eyelash extensions a lot. Why? Because its convenient and over the years I’ve learnt how to care for my extensions properly so that they can last as long as possible. If you didn’t already know, Isabella Aesthetics provide eyelash extension services as well so I decided to give them a shot!

As it was my first time doing eyelash extensions with them, of course the beautician would not know how my natural lashes are; Would they be able to take the weight of their lashes? Would the design of the eyelash be suitable for my eye shape? What curl would be the best for me? 🤔 After all, different places use different lashes so we can’t be 100% sure!

Eventually for the first try, we decided to give it a go with D-Curl 4D volume lash Cat-Eyed design, from 10mm to 14mm. I placed my trust in the beautician’s design so my bare lashes went from this…


To this! Super fluffy, as it is 4D after all. Perhaps the D curl was not as curled as I expected but that can be fixed when I go for my touch-up/new set. Of course in the photos it looks perfect but I think I still prefer super curled lashes which I can’t wait to try out!


The lashes used are soft and weightless. It was done super well as it can be brushed with the spooly with ease. It also doesn’t tangle up or turn upside down when I cleanse my face. The length is also perfect as it is Cat-eyed.



Few weeks down I decided to prepare for my birthday week so I wanted to try out DD curl and Beauty Lash design to see if there would be a big difference and OMG I LOVE IT 😍. Definitely suits my eye shape better than Cat-eyed design and the extra curl made my eyes look more awake than the Tyra Bank’s smize eyez.


I guess between the two types of curls and design, I absolutely love the DD curl from Isabella Aesthetics. Whereas for the design, I am leaning more to the Beauty Lash than Cat-eyed. Looking awake is more important than looking sexy 🤣



More information on Isabella Aesthetics:

Check out their website here to view all the services they provide: https://www.isabellaaesthetics.com.sg/

Instagram: @isabellaaesthetics

Love, S.

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