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September 8, 2019


I’ve fallen in love with long stemmed roses from Roses Only Singapore 💋 Packed with class and simplicity, receiving this gift box of roses really did excite me whe I laid my hands on it.



One would wonder where these beautifully grown roses come from and I’ll be glad to share that Only Rose grow and harvest their roses 8000 feet above sea level, namely in Ecuador, Columbia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Each stalk is carefully pruned to encourage each flower to grow to its full potential, they can reach around 65cm – 70cm long, which is what really makes you fall in love! Due to the exposure to the ideal sunlight and temperature, the end product results in the growth of the finest large head roses on the planet that one can find.🤗


When I received my box of roses, I was pleased to see that each stalk was carefully de-thorned, petals were fresh, and stems were placed in individual water sachet. What suprised me is that unlike other florists, Rose’s Only provide Flower food just to make sure that my roses will last as long as possible. Below is a very simple explanation on how to care for your roses which I found on the website and it has been so useful!🧐


Even after 5 days of receiving my roses, with tender care, they still look so beautiful. Also, they give off such a sweet scent that it makes me happy whenever I walk in the room!


Thank you Roses Only 💋 I’m so in love! Check out my Instagram page for my giveawa and stand to win yourself or your loved one, a box of 12 classic long stemmed roses 🌹

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